Marvel has revealed Star Wars Black History Month comic variant covers

Mace Windu image courtesy of
Mace Windu image courtesy of /
facebooktwitterreddit has revealed an exciting first look at February’s Star Wars Black History Month Variant Covers. These 5 new covers are by Ken Lashley, who has worked on Miles Morales: Spider-Man and Star Wars: Sana Starros.

The first character to be spotlighted is Mace Windu. The variant will be for Mace Windu #1, announced at the New York Comic Con Lucasfilm Publishing panel. Jedi Master Adi Gallia graces the cover of Darth Vader #43 while Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Kawlan Roken battles on Star Wars #43.

Charging in on the cover of Star Wars: The High Republic #4 is Bell Zettifar and his trusty charhound, Ember. Finally, Captain Panaka from Episode I: The Phantom Menace rounds out the month on the cover of Star Wars Thrawn Alliances, also announced at New York Comic Con.

Lashley shared his excitement about drawing these variant covers with, stating:

"“l am a huge Star Wars fan so when Mark asked if l would be interested in drawing these covers it was a fast ‘HECK Yeah!’ These five covers have all the bases covered, characters we all love and know along with a few surprises for the fans. l love what I do and getting to draw every day on creations that l loved growing up is a dream come true… Purple lightsabers are all over my office!”"

Marvel editor Mark Paniccia added:

"“I’ve worked with and known Ken for a long time. He’s one of the best comic book artists in the industry and one of my favorite cover artists. He brings energy and dynamism to every cover and this variant program is no exception. I’m excited for fans to see these characters illustrated in Ken’s powerful style.”"

The Star Wars Black History Month Variant Covers will be available in February. Don’t forget to tell your local comic book store to order them early if you’re interested in snagging one.