Young Jedi Adventures recap: The Talon Takeover

Kai Brightstar, Lys Solay, and Nubs ready their lightsabers in Disney and Star Wars 'Young Jedi Adventures." Photo Credit:
Kai Brightstar, Lys Solay, and Nubs ready their lightsabers in Disney and Star Wars 'Young Jedi Adventures." Photo Credit: /

Young Jedi Adventures “The Talon Takeover” opens with Taborr Val Dorn (Trey Diaz Murphy) and his pirate gang, which is a droid named EB-3 and Gamorrean Pord, stealing from some farmers. The two lackeys drop some items, which makes Taborr angry. He marches off, leaving EB-3 and Pord to grumble that they always get the blame.

Suddenly, a smoke bomb rolls to their feet and covers the area with fog. A figure shoots out an electro net, ensnaring EB and Pord. It’s Sellaccc Orryak, the Trandoshan leader of the Ganguls biker gang, along with her two henchmen, Jooro “Speeds” Jarrot, a Quarren, and Toda-Joh, an Anzellan. They’re back in the series and stealing Taborr’s ship, the Iron Talon!

Taborr races out, launching a cable to his ship and pulling himself inside before it takes off. EB and Pord, now free, call Taborr and beg him to let them help. Taborr blows them off and hurries to take on the pirates himself. He overhears Sellaccc and Speeds wanting to take the Talon to an abandoned droid outpost on Dedoon.

EB and Pord call again, making Taborr all the more miffed at his crew. Still, he gives them the information about Dedoon. However, Sellaccc and her team hear Taborr, and they quickly capture him.

Not knowing what else to do, Pord and EM go into town to beg for help. The thing is, the pirates have stolen from everyone in town, and no one wants to help. That’s when they spot the Jedi younglings, Kai Brightstar (Jamaal Avery Jr.), Lys Solay (Juliet Donenfeld), and Nubs (Dee Bradley Baker). Jedi are supposed to help everyone!

The younglings aren’t so sure, but they agree to help the pirates find their friend. They call up their buddy Nash Durango (Emma Berman) to fly them to Dedoon.

Meanwhile, Taborr is trying everything to escape his energy cell on his ship. It’s no use. Sellaccc is very amused at his attempts. Taborr demands his ship back! Instead, Sellaccc introduces herself as the leader of the Gangul gang, and she has major plans for Taborr’s ship to expand her pirating in the sector.

Back with the heroes, Nash is absolutely loving the fact that Taborr, whom she’s had bad run-ins with before, was a pirate captured by other pirates. She is living up the irony, cracking up much to the chagrin of Pord and EB.

EB offers an idea for the Jedi to lure away Sellaccc while he and Pord rescue Taborr. Though, because Taborr is often mean to the droid, EB doesn’t think his plan is good. The Jedi think it’s a great idea, giving EB some reassurance. Also, Nash remembers her lesson from “An Adventure With Yoda,” and she chooses to stay with her ship in case the crew needs a quick getaway.

Our heroes arrive on Dedoon, and they find the Ganguls. With everyone moving into place, they start EB’s plan.

The Jedi confront Speeds and Toda-Joh, calling them out on stealing the ship. They reach out with the Force to snatch the rare and expensive droid parts from the pirates’ hands, hurrying off into the wilds. Speeds and Toda-Joh rush after the kids!

Sneaking onto the Talon, EB and Pord find Taborr. However, Taborr still thinks they’re going to ruin everything. EB stands up for himself, saying that the Jedi always listen to each other. Taborr really couldn’t care less despite being the one captured behind a ray shield.

Sellaccc appears, essentially being like, “Y’all are cute. Get off my ship.” She attacks the two, but they’re able to hide long enough to call the Jedi for help. However, Kai and the others are busy keeping the rest of the pirates occupied. Kai tells EB his plans are great and they all believe in the two pirates!

EB and Pord team up to trick Sellaccc into thinking she found them. But when she corners a GNK droid instead, EB springs his trap and stuffs a box on top of her to keep her from fleeing. Taborr is actually impressed with his crew.

However, weak is not what Trandoshans are known for, and Sellaccc hefts the box along with Pord and EB off her. She holds them at electro-staff point, and Taborr screams, “Hey! Stay away from my friends!” Pord and EB are shocked that Taborr would call them friends.

Pord calls over a mouse droid in time to trip up Sellaccc, and the two race to free Taborr. He bounds out, and the three gang up on Sellaccc to kick her off their ship. The Jedi arrive, and together, the group chases off the Gangul gang.

Taborr begrudgingly thanks everyone for saving him, but he’s not happy about it.

The Jedi watch as Taborr and his gang rev up their ship and fly away.