Are Cassian and Jyn Star Wars’ most tragic potential romance?

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Although some may prefer to think of Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor as friends, Felicity Jones and Diego Luna’s comments suggest otherwise. The Rogue One: A Star Wars Story costars believe that if Jyn and Cassian had survived Scarif, their relationship might have turned into something more. Apart from the fact that Diego and Felicity seem to “ship” characters, it’s undeniable that they have beautiful chemistry on screen.

Here are 4 reasons why Jyn and Cassian are the most tragic potential romance in Star Wars:

1. Jyn and Cassian have many similarities

Although the mistrust they had initially for each other could be read in their tension-filled stares, beyond that, Cassian and Jyn are very similar characters that perfectly mirror each other. Diego Luna revealed that Cassian could see himself in Jyn, and their similarities scared him.  They’re characters driven by a strong desire to bring down the Empire. Both suffer immensely throughout their lives and lose those nearest and dearest to them because of the Empire. They’re hesitant to trust each other because both have lost so much along the way. Whether it’s Jyn losing her mother at a young age or Cassian losing his adoptive mother, Maarva Andor, right when his true purpose becomes clear to him, they’re both broken-hearted individuals.

As the story of Rogue One progresses, their growing respect for each other is evident through their words and actions. Jyn repeats what Cassian says to her earlier in the film while trying to convince Mon Mothma to approve the mission to Scarif because, after all, “Rebellions are built on hope.” The best part of their relationship is that Cassian believes in Jyn when no one else does, and he shows it through his actions. He agrees to go to Scarif with her, though he knows the chances of making it out alive are slim. Cassian has Jyn’s back throughout the mission on Scarif because he knows she can hold her own. When she needs help, he’s ready to risk his life to help her, even if it means crawling his way up a platform after injuring himself badly a few minutes earlier.

2. They’re Able To Be Honest With Each Other

Cassian had orders to kill Galen Erso, which he decided not to do. This revelation shook Jyn’s core as she realized she had been used. Instead of denying that he intended to shoot Galen, Cassian owns up to it. Even though Jyn is exceptionally hurt, she realizes that Cassian chose not to follow orders, which shows that there is humanity in him. He’s been through a lot (just see the prequel series Andor), and he’s fighting for a worthy cause. Her anger gives way to respect and admiration. By being honest and vulnerable, they’re ideal partners who can call each other out if one is in the wrong.

3. They’re “Enemies to Lovers” Personified

Sparks fly when they first meet, even though they don’t like each other. Although they never officially become lovers, by the end of the movie, the potential is there. During a question and answer session for Andor, while answering a fan’s question about the potential relationship between Jyn and Cassian, Diego admits that their hug at the end represents “All that could’ve been, but wasn’t.” This means that their relationship could’ve been more, but sadly, they didn’t have enough time. Had their lives not ended, they would’ve remained together for the rest of their lives.

4. They Both Deserved Happiness

After putting everything on the line for the entire galaxy and suffering immensely under the tyranny of the Empire, Jyn and Cassian deserved genuine happiness. They may have found it in each other, but it was too late. This makes them the most tragic potential romance in Star Wars. In Jyn, Cassian may have finally found a home. When she tells him she isn’t used to having someone there for her, he says, “Welcome home.” Had they lived, they both could’ve found a home in each other.

In Cassian, Jyn finally found someone who didn’t abandon her when the going got tough. He was there for her even in their final moments together. He was proud of her for doing the right thing and reminded her that her father would be proud of her, too. Diego Luna joked that had they lived, he pictures them together selling refrigerators.

Cassian and Jyn are that “What could’ve been” romance in Star Wars, but thanks to the wonderful acting by Diego and Felicity and their well-written characters, we can embrace their heartbreaking story as tightly as they embraced each other in their final moments together.

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