Unwrapping the Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar: Day 7

2023 Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar Day 7. Image credit: Eric Clayton / Dork Side of the Force.
2023 Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar Day 7. Image credit: Eric Clayton / Dork Side of the Force. /

The Clone Wars continue on Day 7 of the 2023 Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar. We’ve gotten a turbo tank; we’ve gotten a clone trooper. Now we have a place for that turbo tank to bring our fearless trooper: the clone command center. It’s a tight squeeze—only one trooper can fit in the command center. But once he’s there, he can issue orders across the battlefield and call down airstrikes from the Clone Wars era ships that I hope we’ll discover behind those cardboard doors over the next few days.

The clone command center serves as a (slightly) mobile point of command for the army of the Galactic Republic. Their purpose is likely obvious: provide an on-the-ground rallying point for troopers and their Jedi generals. It’s easier to understand the ebb and flow of battle from such a command post rather than from high up in a capital ship or the faraway comforts of Coruscant. Consequently, these command centers were set up on or near the front lines of many significant battles. We first saw such command centers in the Battle of Geonosis, played out in Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

Not so long ago, we saw a whole LEGO set dedicated to the clone command center and its accessories, and now currently on the market we have similar Clone Wars era battle stations, turrets, and more available in the form of the 501st Clone Troopers Battle Pack and the 332nd Ahsoka’s Clone Trooper Battle Pack. These battle packs—like today’s clone command center—are less expensive ways to bulk up your own LEGO Clone Wars reenactments.

Last year’s Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar gave us a number of accoutrements for reenactments of the Battle of Hoth—another battle with its own specialized LEGO battle pack—and it appears that this year we’ve traded icy warfare for desert battle scenes.

But when do we get the holiday Ewok?