New Star Wars book announced – Mace Windu: The Glass Abyss

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A new Star Wars book was just announced this morning, expected to release next summer. Star Wars prequel fans, get ready!

Written by sci-fi author and TV writer Steven Barnes and published by Random House Worlds, Mace Windu: The Glass Abyss will give fans of Mace Windu and the prequel era an official Canon look at the Jedi Master’s life following the death of Jedi Knight Qui-Gon Jinn.

The official Star Wars Books account announced the upcoming release on Twitter this morning.

The book takes place between Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace and Star Wars Episode II: Atack of the Clones, shortly after Qui-Gon Jinn’s death.

You can read more about the book’s premise in the tweet embedded above.

The closest thing we’ve ever gotten to a book like this was Star Wars: Shatterpoint, a Legends novel focused on the character of Windu. If you want to check out that book while you’re waiting for this one, it’s now part of the Essential Legends Collection and has a brand-new unabridged audiobook (which its Legends release did not have).

Steven Barnes is a veteran Star Wars author — you may recognize his name from having written The Cestus Deception (from Star Wars Legends).

This is not the only book set during the Star Wars prequel era we’re getting next year. It was announced earlier this year that John Jackson Miller would also be returning to Star Wars with The Living Force, a novel set a year prior to the events of The Phantom Menace.

In other words — prequel fans, we are feasting in 2024.

Star Wars: The Glass Abyss by Steven Barnes arrives August 6, 2024, and is now available to pre-order wherever you get your Star Wars books.

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