What does the end of Alyssa Wong’s series mean for the future of Doctor Aphra?

Doctor Aphra from "Star Wars: Doctor Aphra" by Alyssa Wong
Doctor Aphra from "Star Wars: Doctor Aphra" by Alyssa Wong /

Another beloved Star Wars comic is coming to an end — but that doesn’t mean we have seen the last of its title character or their companions.

At the end of last month, writer Alyssa Wong announced that her current run of Doctor Aphra would be publishing its final two issues over the next several months. In the tweet below, Wong also thanked fans for their support of the series over its three-year run.

While this isn’t the first Marvel comic series featuring Aphra, nor the longest (both this and the previous series will have 40 issues in total), it’s been a special one. It’s not easy to take someone else’s well-established and well-loved Star Wars character and make them even more iconic with your own storytelling, but Wong achieved that with this series — and so much more.

Doctor  Aphra herself hasn’t made many appearances outside of the comics yet — she’s a playable character in Galaxy of Heroes and made a cameo appearance in a short story inside one of the From a Certain Point of View books. But this doesn’t mean we won’t see her again in another medium — or another future comic series.

They’ve already brought Krrsantan into the Star Wars TV universe. It wouldn’t be difficult to bring Aphra into a series. And being the Indiana Jones of a galaxy far, far away, there wouldn’t be many protests to her incorporation into an on-screen project. As long as everyone else from the comic gets to come along as well.

In fact, it’s possible that the end of this comic run might give other writers the opportunity to plant the character elsewhere in future stories. Why not?

The penultimate issue of the series, Doctor Aphra (2020) 39, drops on December 20. The final issue of the series, Doctor Aphra (2020) 40, arrives on January 31, 2024.

You can get these issues and more on Comixology or your local comics shops.

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