Star Wars will outlive you.

The main characters of Star Wars Rebels. Image credit:
The main characters of Star Wars Rebels. Image credit: /

Star Wars will outlive you.

One day you will no longer exist as you currently do. But no matter how long you may be lucky enough to remain alive here, there will still be Star Wars after you.

There is no guarantee, of course, that Lucasfilm will still be making new Star Wars content for decades after you’re gone — or even in your lifetime. Nothing is ever guaranteed.

But even if Star Wars stops becoming a franchise actively producing new media — in your lifetime or outside of it — Star Wars as an entity will never stop existing.

Think about that for a moment. You will not live forever. But Star Wars, as an idea, an object, a memory, might. There are books that have existed for hundreds and hundreds of years that we still read today, even if not in their original forms. Fans of things have a way of keeping those things alive even after their creators, their original supporters, are long gone.

There will come a day when everyone who saw the original Star Wars (before it was A New Hope) in 1977 will be gone. And this will happen with every subsequent movie, every show, every book and comic and radio or audio drama for as long as they keep getting made.

But as long as there are new fans continuing to discover Star Wars and pass it along to others, it will never fade away.

As the film, TV, and publishing industries change, so will the manner and frequency in which new Star Wars is made. There is a very good chance that even though Star Wars seems to produce new material nonstop right now, there will never be a decade like the last few again.

We are lucky. We are so incredibly fortunate to be getting as many Star Wars stories as we are right now. This should never be taken for granted.

Because one day, you will watch your last Star Wars movie. Your last Star Wars TV episode. You’ll read your final book. You’ll reach the last panel on the final comic you will ever read.

But so many will come after you, and watch the movies and shows you watched. Read the books and comics you read. Fall in love with the fictional universe you did. Even though you won’t be here to see it.

So celebrate the Star Wars you love while you’re living. Invite new people to fall in love with faraway galaxies. Tell your favorite Star Wars creators how much their work means to you. Tell your loved ones how much it means to you that they put up with your Star Wars obsession even when it extends beyond the realm of reason.

We only get one life, and we’re lucky to be around while Star Wars is fresh and plentiful, with new stories budding and blossoming all the time.

Never waste a moment loving the thing that has made you who you are.

May the Force be with you. Always.