Ahsoka actors got stuck in an elevator at MegaCon where their did their panel

Because Ezra Bridger would get stuck in an elevator
2024 FAN EXPO New Orleans
2024 FAN EXPO New Orleans / Erika Goldring/GettyImages

Anyone who has ever been to a fan convention knows there are certain truths. One of those truths is that elevators usually suck to use at cons. They take forever to get on one. When you do, they're almost always overcrowded from wall to wall. And lo and behold, they often get stuck.

That is exactly what happened to Ahsoka actors Eman Esfandi and Diana Lee Inosanto at MegaCon 2024 in Orlando, Florida.

While on their way to the Ahsoka panel, they were delayed by getting stuck in the elevator. Candace of The Geeky Waffles live tweeted the event as it unfurled. Collider's Arezou Amin was the panel moderator, and she never once lost her composure. Everyone had to think fast on their feet. When realizing what was happening, Diana went on Instagram Live to explain the situation. Since the fans could see them, Eman and Diana suggested starting the panel in this way. Getting it set up on the big screens to chat with the actors, the crowd had a blast and kept the energy up for the panel until the actors could arrive.

Amin conducted a casual but fun interview with the actors until they were freed and finally made it to the panel. She was praised all around for how well she handled something that was completely out of her control until the actors could arrive and hold the panel in earnest. One praise came from Diana herself, who retweeted her appreciation despite the entire ordeal.

Eman joked that is was "A real life Star Wars adventure."

Amin shared about the whole thing: "Loved accidentally becoming a part of Megacon (and possibly Star Wars fandom?) history with this truly unforgettable-for-many-reasons panel."

Twitter user @TCRochesterACT was quick to joke, "This is the most MegaCon 2024 thing to happen." This was a sentiment shared by fans who had a blast online about this story.

Fan conventions are always a ton of fun, and can be where some of the biggest moments in fandom history happen. I'm sure the story of Ezra Bridger and Morgan Elsbeth getting stuck in an elevator together will be around for some time.

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