Ahsoka might reunite with this Clone Wars character thanks to The Bad Batch Season 3

The Bad Batch Season 3 trailer may have dropped a hint regarding which The Clone Wars character might enter live-action next.
Asajj Ventress image courtesy of Starwars.com
Asajj Ventress image courtesy of Starwars.com /

The Bad Batch Season 3 trailer surprised everyone with the return of Asajj Ventress wielding a yellow lightsaber. After Ventress canonically died while saving Jedi Knight Quinlan Vos in the novel Dark Disciple, fans never expected to see her again. However, this is Star Wars, and no one is truly gone. It may be a good thing if Ventress survives The Bad Batch Season 3, as she might be reunited with Ahsoka Tano in Ahsoka Season 2.

Dave Filoni might've been teasing the return of Ventress for a while now as Ahsoka brought the Nightsisters of Dathomir in live-action, and Ventress is a Nightsister as well. The show also features a Ventress name drop by none other than Anakin Skywalker himself. Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi faced off against Ventress countless times during The Clone Wars, as she was Count Dooku's apprentice. Later, Ventress was abandoned by Dooku and sought revenge on him, where she eventually became a mercenary. Thus began her journey back from the dark side to a more positive character.

Fans of The Clone Wars might remember that Ventress helped Ahsoka in Season 5 when she was framed by Bariss Offee for bombing the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. While it's yet to be revealed how Ventress will return in The Bad Batch, there's a chance that Nightsister magick might be involved. Their magick can resurrect the dead, something we already saw in Ahsoka when Ahsoka, Sabine, and Ezra faced off with zombie stormtroopers brought to life using magick. The Great Mothers' role is far from over as Thrawn landed on Dathomir with them at the end of Ahsoka. There's a high possibility that they'll resurrect more people from the dead or may have done so already in Ventress's case.

It seems more and more like Dathomir and the Nightsisters will play an important role in The Mandalorian era. If Ventress makes it to live-action, she might end up being Ahsoka's ally in the fight against these dark forces. There's no reason to believe she'll be a negative character in her return, even though The Bad Batch trailer doesn't clarify that. She died saving Quinlan Vos, and by sacrificing herself, she fully embraced the light side of the force, much like Anakin. A lot of fans have been hoping that Bariss Offee would make it to live-action, but Ventress might join Ahsoka there first.

Suppose The Bad Batch does leave room for Asajj Ventress's debut in live-action Star Wars. In that case, she'll be another character added to the list of Star Wars animated characters that made it to live-action, joining others like Ahsoka Tano, Ezra Bridger, Bo-Katan Kryze, Cad Bane, and Sabine Wren.

The Bad Batch Season 3 begins streaming February 21st on Disney+.

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