All Bad Batch season 1 episodes ranked from worst to best

Bad Batch is undeniably a gem in the ever-expanding Star Wars lore. Let's take a look at season 1 and see how these 16 episodes fare against each other.
Tech and Echo in a corridor. "Return to Kamino." The Bad Batch. Courtesy of
Tech and Echo in a corridor. "Return to Kamino." The Bad Batch. Courtesy of /
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Strap in, because we're diving into The Bad Batch's first season, which is like hopping on the galaxy's wildest ride where the loops are as unexpected as a Sith at a Jedi picnic.

This isn't your regular Star Wars saga - it's a thrilling ride through the eyes of Clone Force 99, a squad of clone troopers who are pretty unique and the misfits of the cloning world, each with their own quirks and abilities that make them stand out from their by-the-book brethren. Picture a team that includes a sharpshooter who never misses, a tech wizard who speaks droid fluently, a brute with the strength of a rancor, and a leader who's got more strategy in his pinky than some generals have in their whole career. And then there's Echo, the regular clone who's been through so much he's practically honorary Bad Batch material.

But The Bad Batch isn't just about blasting droids and escaping from sticky situations (though there's plenty of that, served up with a side of explosions). It's also a deep dive into what it means to find your place in a galaxy that's changing faster than a hyperdrive malfunction. As the Empire rises from the ashes of the Republic, our heroes are left questioning everything they've been programmed to believe. They take on mercenary work, dodge Imperial entanglements, and along the way, they pick up Omega, a mysterious young clone who's as curious about the world as she is adept at getting into trouble. Together, they form an unconventional family, bound not by codes or orders, but by loyalty, friendship, and the occasional shared disdain for regs (that's regular clones for the uninitiated).

What sets The Bad Batch apart, though, isn't just the blaster battles or the cameos from Star Wars royalty; it's the heart at the center of the story. This series masterfully blends the thrill of space adventures with the emotional depth of a drama, all while exploring themes of identity, belonging, and the search for purpose beyond what you're built for. It's as much a journey of self-discovery as it is a high-octane action series. And let's not forget the humor – because what's a Star Wars adventure without a few laughs?

Let's take a look at all 16 episodes in the very first season of The Bad Batch and rank them from worst to best (which really means "good" to "extra good", honestly).