All Bad Batch season 1 episodes ranked from worst to best

Bad Batch is undeniably a gem in the ever-expanding Star Wars lore. Let's take a look at season 1 and see how these 16 episodes fare against each other.
Tech and Echo in a corridor. "Return to Kamino." The Bad Batch. Courtesy of
Tech and Echo in a corridor. "Return to Kamino." The Bad Batch. Courtesy of /
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12. "Devil's Deal" - episode 11

Ah, "Devil's Deal," the episode that takes a leisurely stroll through the political quagmire of Ryloth, lands itself at number 12 in this ranking. Now, why does it sit there, you might ask? Well, this episode feels like the equivalent of being all set for a rollercoaster ride of clone commando action, expecting blasters blazing, but what you get instead is a deep dive into the intricacies of Rylothian politics.

Episode 11 takes a detour from the explosive adventures of our favorite batch of misfit clones to shine a spotlight on the struggles of the Twi'lek people. It's like showing up for a pie-eating contest and realizing it's actually a seminar on the nutritional value of pies. Not what you expected, but informative nonetheless.

Though it's at number 12, "Devil's Deal" isn't without its charm. It sets the stage for future fireworks and gives us a closer look at the ever-complicated galaxy far, far away. But when stacked against episodes filled with daring escapes, emotional revelations, and that sweet, sweet clone camaraderie, it feels a bit like the band tuning their instruments when you're just ready for them to play the hits. It's necessary, sure, but it's not exactly the reason you bought the ticket. In the symphony that is "The Bad Batch," this episode is the prelude that has you tapping your feet, waiting for the tempo to pick up.

And that, dear friends, is why it lounges comfortably at number 12, serving as a gentle reminder that even in a galaxy filled with action, sometimes you need to sit back and ponder the politics.

11. "Cut and Run" - episode 2

Alright, let's dive into why "Cut and Run," episode 2, parks itself in the 11th spot. This little gem is like the calm before the storm, taking a breather from all the pew-pew and zoom-zoom of space battles to give us a heartfelt look into what it means to be a family.

It's the episode where our tough-as-nails squad, led by Hunter, decides to visit an old buddy, Cut Lawquane, who's living the dream with his own little family on Saleucami. It's like watching your favorite action heroes crash a suburban barbecue, except the burgers are probably made of some space critter. No, thanks.

But why does it sit at number 11? Well, "Cut and Run" is the storytelling equivalent of a warm hug in a series that's usually more about dodging blaster fire. It's crucial for showing us a softer side of the Bad Batch, making them more relatable and, frankly, more human. But let's be real, it doesn't quite get the adrenaline pumping like the others. There's no big villain showdown or edge-of-your-seat escape. Instead, it's about identity, belonging, and the choice between a life of constant danger or settling down to play space-dad.

It's sweet, it's necessary, but compared to the pew-pew thrill rides of other episodes, it gently floats down to number 11, offering an important pause in a galaxy far, far away that's usually all go, go, go!