All Bad Batch season 1 episodes ranked from worst to best

Bad Batch is undeniably a gem in the ever-expanding Star Wars lore. Let's take a look at season 1 and see how these 16 episodes fare against each other.
Tech and Echo in a corridor. "Return to Kamino." The Bad Batch. Courtesy of
Tech and Echo in a corridor. "Return to Kamino." The Bad Batch. Courtesy of /
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2. "Aftermath" - episode 1

Alright, let's dive into why "Aftermath," the grand entrance of The Bad Batch, hits almost the top spot among its season one siblings. Imagine you're at the starting line of the wildest rides in the Star Wars theme park. The anticipation? Sky-high. The excitement? Through the roof.

This episode isn't just any old intro; it's the equivalent of a fireworks show at a galactic scale, setting the stage with a bang. From the get-go, it thrusts us into the chaos of Order 66, making us bite our nails as we see our unconventional heroes – Clone Force 99 – navigate the sudden shift from trusted soldiers to targets. It's like watching the coolest kids on the block suddenly realizing everyone's out to get them, and we're here for it, popcorn in hand, eyes glued to the screen.

Now, why does "Aftermath" snag the second place? It's not just because it's the first episode - it's because it packs a punch harder than Wrecker at a demolition derby. We meet our squad – Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, Echo, and Crosshair – in all their quirky glory, each bringing something unique to the table. The episode is a masterclass in "how to kick off a series with style," blending heart-pounding action with moments that make you lean in closer. It introduces Omega, a character shrouded in mystery, adding even more layers to the plot.

In essence, "Aftermath" is the spark that lights the fuse of the season, promising and delivering a galaxy's worth of adventure and making us commit to the long haul. It's like the best first date ever - it leaves you eager for more, wondering what's next on this wild ride with the galaxy's most lovable misfits.

1. "Kamino Lost" - episode 16

Imagine hanging onto the edge of your seat, popcorn forgotten, as "Kamino Lost" unfolds on your screen. This isn't just another episode of The Bad Batch - it's the grand finale that ties up a whirlwind season with the finesse of a master Jedi's lightsaber strike.

Why does it sit at the pinnacle of all 16 episodes, you ask? Our ragtag team of genetically modified troopers find themselves in a heart-stopping escape from their crumbling home, Kamino. It's not just the explosive action that has us all raving; it's the emotional tsunami that sweeps through as we see our heroes confront their past, their identity, and their uncertain future. The stakes are sky-high, and so are the emotions, making every moment feel like you're watching the season's climax on the edge of an erupting volcano.

Now, add to that the sheer spectacle of it all. Kamino, the watery world that's been a backdrop to countless clone troopers' stories, is sinking into the ocean, and with it, a significant chapter of Star Wars lore. The visuals are nothing short of cinematic brilliance, with every wave and crumbling building pulling you deeper into the drama, but it's not just about the eye candy. "Kamino Lost" delivers a narrative punch that solidifies its rank as the best episode of the season.

The Bad Batch's journey of self-discovery, loyalty, and family reaches its peak here, blending action, heartache, and a dash of hope for the future. It's like the season's greatest hits album, but instead of songs, you get epic battles, emotional depth, and a farewell to Kamino that's as unforgettable as it is visually stunning.

This episode isn't just a season finale - it's a love letter to the fans, making it the undisputed champion of season one.

Whether it's Tech misunderstanding human expressions or Wrecker's childlike love for explosives, The Bad Batch proves that even in a galaxy far, far away, laughter might just be the best way to cope with an Empire on your tail.

If you've never watched it and you're looking for a series that delivers both the feels and the thrills with a generous helping of Star Wars lore, then The Bad Batch is waiting for you on Disney+.

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