Best Star Wars Rebels season 3 episodes according to IMDb

These episodes are rated as the best on IMDb. Is your favorite here?

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 "Trials of the Darksaber" Sabine Wren. Image Credit:
Star Wars Rebels Season 3 "Trials of the Darksaber" Sabine Wren. Image Credit: /

Few shows possess the scope to feature both the wacky hijinks between two droid frenemies and a terrifyingly brilliant villain rooting out a rebel spy. What other show could balance both the mysticism of a massive, rocky Force entity and the grounded journey Sabine takes as she returns to her Mandalorian roots? The third season of Star Wars Rebels is a wonderful roller-coaster of exciting and emotional moments. According to IMDb, these five episodes shine above the rest.

1. Episode 20: Twin Suns

When Ezra begins to experience visions of Darth Maul, he knows he will come face-to-face with his old foe once again. Ezra races to confront his enemy and leaves the Rebel base against the orders of Hera and Kanan. In this thrilling conclusion to Maul's story, Ezra finds himself lost in the desert of Tatooine, determined to warn Obi-Wan Kenobi of the danger.

2. Episode 21: Zero Hour: Part 1

Just as the Rebel Alliance musters the strength to launch their first official attack as a unified force, Grand Admiral Thrawn discovers the location of their secret base. Instead of surprising the Empire, they are the ones on the defensive, trapped and fighting for their survival. As they run out of options, the Rebels initiate a daring gambit to break through the blockade and allow Ezra to escape in search of help.

3. Episode 15: Trials of the Darksaber

Sabine must confront her past when she agrees to wield the Darksaber and become a leader for her people. Sabine struggles to believe in herself and fully commit to her mission with every step of her training. Through her emotional journey in this episode, Sabine opens up about her found family and her motivations as a rebel, contrasting the fun lightsaber duels with the weight of her responsibilities as a Mandalorian. Years later, it laid the groundwork for Sabine's journey in Ahsoka.

4. Episode 17: Through Imperial Eyes

Thrawn is closing in on the rebel spy in his midst, Agent Kallus, who is using the name Fulcrum. The Rebels worry their new ally will be discovered, so Ezra is sent to extract him. Instead, Kallus wants to stay behind and ensure Thrawn cannot discover the location of the Rebel base. Kallus and Ezra must overcome their mistrust of one another to throw Thrawn off the trail.

5. Episode 22: Zero Hour: Part 2

The second half of the Zero Hour Arc is no less engaging than the first. Thrawn's continued attacks on the Rebel base puts everyone at risk. Their only hope is Ezra, who quickly learns how difficult it will be to convince anyone to return with him to help his friends in their desperate situation. As the Rebels attempt their escape, the powers and anger of the Bendu are unleashed.

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