Boba Fett actor makes his Bad Batch debut in season 3 premiere

Daniel Logan returns to Star Wars as he makes his debut in The Bad Batch.

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Warning: This article contains spoilers from The Bad Batch season 3 premiere.

While Boba Fett has yet to appear in Star Wars: The Bad Batch, Boba Fett actor Daniel Logan does make his series debut in the Season 3 premiere. Logan, who first played a young Boba Fett in Attack of the Clones, voices a former clone cadet named Mox in "Paths Unknown," the second episode in the three-episode premiere.

Prior to the Empire destroying Tipoca City on Kamino, Mox and the other clone cadets were transported off-world. They were told their training would continue. However, they were instead imprisoned by the Empire and had blood samples taken from them. "Paths Unknown" reveals that the Empire destroyed the facility where they were taken via orbital bombardment, killing the other clone cadets.

Mox and two other young clones, Deke and Stak, managed to escape and survive in the wilderness, which is where Hunter and Wrecker find them. While Mox is voiced by Logan, Deke and Stak are voiced by Deadpool 2 actor Julian Dennison.

With Logan being part of Star Wars for more than two decades, it is exciting to see him return to the franchise, particularly in animation. Logan voiced young Boba and the clone cadets in several episodes of The Clone Wars. Years later, he technically appeared in flashbacks during The Book of Boba Fett, but he revealed that except for one over-the-shoulder shot, all of the young Boba flashbacks were made from unused footage from the Attack of the Clones shoot.

This means The Bad Batch is the first time Logan's voice has been heard in Star Wars since his The Clone Wars episodes released in 2012. With Mox, Deke, and Stak now going to Pabu, it likely won't be the last time Logan lends his voice talents to The Bad Batch's final season. The young clones can hopefully find some much-needed peace and begin to build new lives on Pabu.

However, with Dr. Hemlock and the Empire searching for Omega after escaping with Crosshair, even Pabu may no longer be safe. Mox will have to defend his new home and may join the fight to free his clone siblings from the Empire and the twisted experiments happening to them on Mount Tantiss.

Logan's involvement also increases the likelihood of Boba finally appearing in The Bad Batch. Perhaps Omega will finally meet her brother, who the Kaminoans referred to by the codename Alpha. Everything is on the line for the clones in The Bad Batch season 3, and that includes Boba as well.

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