Dave Filoni shares key lesson he learned from George Lucas

Dave Filoni and others shared their experiences working on the Ahsoka series.
40 Years of Star Wars Panel at the 2017 Star Wars Celebration
40 Years of Star Wars Panel at the 2017 Star Wars Celebration / Gerardo Mora/GettyImages

The cast and creators behind last year's Star Wars TV series Ahsoka recently did a panel at the FYC Emmy Screening discussing the series. At the panel, Dave Filoni, the creator of the show, shared a key bit of wisdom about what George Lucas told him about making Star Wars.

Dave Filoni shares key lesson he learned from George Lucas at FYC's Ahsoka panel

Dave Filoni worked directly with George Lucas on the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. He learned a lot about storytelling and key concepts in Star Wars, like the Force, from Lucas and has tried to incorporate all of these lessons into the Star Wars projects he has worked on.

However, Filoni shared one key nugget of wisdom that he learned from Lucas that fans should take to heart as well.

As the Star Wars official Twitter account was live tweeting the event, Filoni said that Lucas told him, "If you can't have fun making Star Wars what can you have fun doing?" This is such great advice for any creative endeavor but especially Star Wars. If you cannot enjoy the process, especially in a world as rich and meaningful as the Star Wars universe, then what is the point of doing it at all? These are great words to live by.

Cast members and other behind-the-scenes creators also shared interesting George Lucas nuggets from this panel. The vice president of Lucasfilm and the man behind a lot of the design from the prequel trilogy, Doug Chiang, said, "Dave and I went through the 'George Lucas film school of world-building.'" Chiang is another Lucasfilm veteran who worked directly with Lucas, and it is great to see that both of them, as well as new creators, carry with them the lessons of Lucas.

Actor Hayden Christensen, who reprised his role of Anakin Skywalker in the series, said when he initially auditioned for the role of Anakin, "I thought I’d just get to meet George Lucas and get a souvenir from the ranch." It is amazing to see how far Christensen has come from then. Not only did he get the role, but he is still a key part of Star Wars over 20 years later and has been embraced and loved by so much of the Star Wars community.

George Lucas's imprint will always be felt on Star Wars, and it is great to hear creators like Dave Filoni talk about some of the key wisdom he has imparted to them.

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