Jar Jar Binks is an invaluable character in the Star Wars universe, and here's why

Mesa not joking. Mesa actually pretty serious.
Jar Jar Binks in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace
Jar Jar Binks in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace /

With Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace turning 25 this past weekend, it is high time we chat about the most misunderstood hero in the galaxy far, far away: Jar Jar Binks.

That floppy-eared, bumbling Gungan from Naboo might just be the unsung MVP of the Star Wars saga. Buckle up as we dive into the whirlpool of reasons why Jar Jar is, in fact, invaluable.

A Master of Unintended Consequences

First up, let's talk about Jar Jar's special power: unintended consequences. When we first meet him in The Phantom Menace, he's just a clumsy exile who stumbles into Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Little did we know, this chance encounter would reshape the entire galaxy. Without Jar Jar, the Jedi might never have found Queen Amidala, and the plot to save Naboo could've fizzled out faster than a short-circuiting droid.

Jar Jar's bumbling ways often mask his true potential - diplomacy. Who else could accidentally sway an entire Galactic Senate by clumsily flipping into the central podium? When Jar Jar steps up as a representative of Naboo, he doesn't just speak - he accidentally orchestrates the rise of the Empire.

Sure, that part might not sound great, but it shows his impact.

Plus, his actions lead to the unification of the Gungans and Naboo people, proving that even in his missteps, he creates alliances and unity. Who’s the accidental diplomat? Jar Jar, that’s who!

Remember the Battle of Naboo? Jar Jar might look like he's just tripping over droid parts and randomly taking out enemy tanks, but look closer. This Gungan’s clumsy antics actually lead to a spectacular victory. Every slip, trip, and accidental button push from Jar Jar results in a win for the good guys. Call it luck or the Force, but our friend has a knack for chaotic success that turns the tide at just the right moment. Beyond the battlefield and the Senate, Jar Jar represents something vital in Star Wars: the heart. He's the underdog, the overlooked, and the scorned, much like many of our favorite heroes. His presence reminds us that courage can come in the most unlikely forms and that heroes aren’t always the ones with the lightsabers. Sometimes, they’re the ones who keep smiling, no matter how tough things get.

Jar Jar’s journey is also a tale of redemption and resilience. He starts as an outcast from his own society, only to find a new home among the stars. His story is one of acceptance, finding one's place in a big, confusing universe, and making a difference despite the odds. Isn't that what we all strive for?

The Galactic Conspiracy: Jar Jar Binks, secret Sith Lord?

Now, hold onto your lightsabers, because we're about to dive into one of the juiciest, most mind-boggling theories in the Star Wars universe. Going back to my previous point of Jar jar accidentally orchestrating the rise of the Empire, some fans believe that Jar Jar Binks might actually be a cunning Sith Lord in disguise. Yep, that goofy Gungan could be the dark puppet master pulling the strings from behind the scenes. Let’s break down this wild theory.

The Master of Disguise

Think about it. Who would suspect the clumsy, silly Jar Jar Binks to be a villain? Absolutely no one! And that's what makes him the perfect candidate. This theory suggests that every stumble and silly speech could be a carefully crafted act. His bumbling persona might just be a clever disguise to throw everyone off his scent. Remember all those moments when Jar Jar's clumsiness conveniently results in a win for the good guys? What if those weren't accidents at all? According to the theory, Jar Jar is using a form of Sith mind control or perhaps an ancient, dark version of the Force to influence outcomes. His seemingly foolish actions could be intricate Force maneuvers designed to manipulate events from the shadows.

Then there's Jar Jar's pivotal role in the rise of the Empire. He's the one who proposed giving Supreme Chancellor Palpatine emergency powers, which leads directly to the creation of the Empire and the downfall of the Republic. Coincidence? Fans who believe in this theory argue that this was all part of Jar Jar's grand plan to help Palpatine, hinting at a dark alliance between the Gungan and the Sith Lord. And then, there's his eyes - those big, soulful eyes. In the Star Wars galaxy, eye color can often hint at a character's connection to the Force. Jar Jar's eyes, some fans point out, are yellowish, a color often associated with Sith corruption. Could this be a subtle clue from the filmmakers? Or just a quirky trait of his species? The theorists lean towards the former.

Whether you see him as a mastermind Sith Lord or the lovable oaf who accidentally saved the galaxy, Jar Jar Binks remains one of the most talked-about characters in Star Wars. This theory adds an extra layer of mystery and intrigue to his character, transforming him from a simple comic relief to a potentially complex villain - or perhaps the greatest double agent the galaxy has ever seen.

In the world of Star Wars, where every character has a role to play in the grand tapestry of the cosmos, Jar Jar Binks stands out as a testament to the power of the unexpected. He teaches us that sometimes, the hero you need comes packaged as the hero you never expected. So, the next time you watch Jar Jar in action, maybe give him a second look. Is he just a clumsy Gungan, or is there more to Mr. Binks than meets the eye? The truth might just be stranger than fiction in the expansive Star Wars saga.

Before you dismiss Jar Jar Binks as just comic relief, think about his journey and his impact. From exile to general, from clumsy fool to accidental hero, Jar Jar Binks has done more than his fair share to shape the Star Wars universe. He might not have the coolest lightsaber moves, but he has a big heart and an even bigger impact. And isn't that what being a hero is all about?

Here's to Jar Jar Binks, the true unsung hero of Star Wars - Gungan-style.

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