Kingdom Hearts 4 should have a Star Wars world, and here's why

It’s a match made in gaming heaven, and it’s time for Square Enix to make it happen.
Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix ©2022 Square Enix
Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix ©2022 Square Enix /

Alright, Kingdom Hearts fans, let's chat about how Kingdom Hearts 4 should totally have a Star Wars world. I mean, think about it: we've already been to some of the coolest Disney worlds, and with Star Wars under the Disney umbrella, it's about time we see Sora wielding a Keyblade lightsaber, right?

Kingdom Hearts is where Disney magic meets Final Fantasy epicness. Imagine exploring enchanting Disney worlds while wielding a giant key as a weapon. Sora, our spiky-haired hero, teams up with Donald Duck and Goofy to battle the Heartless, dark creatures causing chaos across the universe. With heartwarming friendships, thrilling battles, and a plot twistier than a pretzel, Kingdom Hearts pulls you into a wild adventure. In this franchise, you’ll hop from Agrabah to Atlantica, meeting characters like Simba, Jack Skellington, and even Captain Jack Sparrow. Each world is packed with challenges, enemies, and beloved Disney characters. The series is known for its emotional storytelling, combining light and dark themes with jaw-dropping visuals.

Now, imagine Sora, Donald, and Goofy land the Gummi Ship on Tatooine. Sand dunes, twin suns, and, oh look, there's Luke Skywalker waving them over. It's a match made in nerd heaven. Sora's been fighting the darkness for years, and who knows the battle between light and dark better than a Jedi? Sora’s quest to bring balance to the universe is practically the same thing as the Jedi trying to bring balance to the Force. Plus, Sora already has those wild acrobatic moves down, making him a perfect fit for the high-flying, lightsaber-swinging action of a Star Wars world.

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The perfect crossover

Kingdom Hearts is all about heart and friendship. Remember the whole Ansem and Xehanort saga? It’s not too far off from the classic Star Wars theme of redemption and the struggle between good and evil. Imagine Sora helping to redeem Darth Vader, or better yet, teaming up with Rey to take down some new Heartless Sith Lord. The storyline writes itself. One of the coolest things about Kingdom Hearts is the epic battles. Imagine fighting alongside Jedi against waves of Heartless, or facing off against a Sith Lord who’s been corrupted by the darkness. The Force powers combined with Sora’s magic would make for some truly spectacular combat scenes. And let’s not forget the boss fights. Picture Sora taking on Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, or even Emperor Palpatine himself. That’s the kind of stuff gaming dreams are made of!

A Star Wars world in Kingdom Hearts would open up endless possibilities for new gameplay mechanics and storylines. Lightsaber Keyblades, Force powers, space battles in the Gummi Ship - it’s all on the table. The Heartless could possess stormtroopers, Ewoks, or even droids, making for some hilarious and challenging encounters. Plus, we’d get to explore iconic locations like the Death Star, Hoth, and Endor. Each world could have its own unique twist, blending the magic of Kingdom Hearts with the epic adventure of Star Wars.

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix ©2022 Square Enix /

A galactic adventure

Star Wars is a galaxy-spanning saga, and Kingdom Hearts is all about exploring different worlds. It’s a match made in gaming heaven. Imagine piloting the Gummi Ship through hyperspace, dodging TIE fighters, and landing on planets like Coruscant, Jakku, or even Naboo. Each planet could have its own unique challenges and characters to meet, from Yoda giving Sora sage advice to Han Solo joining the fight against the darkness. Kingdom Hearts has always been about magic, and the Force is basically just another form of magic. Sora could learn to use the Force, combining it with his existing abilities to create new and powerful attacks. Imagine Sora using the Force to push back a swarm of Heartless, or using a lightsaber Keyblade to deflect blaster bolts. The potential for new gameplay mechanics is limitless.

For fans of both Kingdom Hearts and Star Wars, this crossover would be a dream come true. It’s the perfect way to bring two beloved franchises together in a way that feels natural and exciting. Plus, it would introduce Kingdom Hearts to a whole new audience of Star Wars fans who might not have played the series before.

Long story short, Kingdom Hearts 4 needs a Star Wars world. The themes of light versus dark, redemption, and epic battles are a perfect fit for the Kingdom Hearts universe. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see Sora swinging a lightsaber Keyblade and taking on Darth Vader?

It’s a match made in gaming heaven, and it’s time for Square Enix to make it happen.

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