LEGO TIE Interceptor released for its 25th anniversary

Nearly 25 years after its initial creation, collectors can rejoice over the reunion with this iconic set.

In celebration of the LEGO Star Wars 25th anniversary, LEGO has revealed the newest figure in its ultimate collector series, TIE Interceptor. The set is scheduled to be released May 1st, in ample time for May the fourth.

This set is both delightfully nostalgic and updated and new. This new version of the TIE Interceptor building set, which was originally part of the first Ultimate Collector Series launch in 2000, has been redesigned. This 1,931-piece craft now stands at over 12.5 inches in height, 16 inches in length, and 13 inches in width, via It didn't make the Kessel run in 12 parsecs, but this ship is still something to get excited about.


The designer master for the LEGO Group, Henrik Anderson, spoke to about this new set. Anderson said, "Compared to the last time I designed the UCS TIE Interceptor, I was now able to create a close-to-perfect replica of the movie prop. It's always been one of my favorite Star Wars ships." So, not only are long-time fans happily nostalgic over this new release, but also the creators themselves. Making this an exciting release for everyone involved. In turn with this, Anderson also added, "Finally making the UCS TIE Interceptor again after so many years was so exciting for me,"

As both The Phantom Menace and LEGO Star Wars celebrate their 25th anniversary this year in 2024, Star Wars fans are being treated to an abundance of celebratory merchandise and a wave of nostalgia. The release of the redesigned TIE Interceptor model adds to this year's offerings, appealing to fans of the original trilogy and those who grew up with the prequels. This set is sure to delight collectors and enthusiasts alike. It's a fitting tribute to the enduring legacy of Star Wars and the creativity that LEGO continues to bring to fans across generations.

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