Inquisitor fans keep winning as Marvel announces new comic miniseries

It's such a good time to be bad.
Star Wars: Inquisitors from Marvel Comics. Image credit:
Star Wars: Inquisitors from Marvel Comics. Image credit: /

As a die hard Grand Inquisitor girlie, I am having the best month. Star Wars keeps on feeding me what I want, and I'm thankful for it. It was only a few weeks ago that they announced Tales of the Empire, dropping a trailer heavily featuring my evil man. Star Wars wasn't done, though, because it was announced today that a brand new comic coming from Marvel all about Darth Vader's henchmen. announced Star Wars: Inquisitors from writer Rodney Barnes with Ramon Rosanas as the artist. A new Jedi character will be introduced named Tensu Run, who is spreading the message of the Jedi Order in a post-Order 66 world. Vader sends his Inquisitors after the Jedi to kill him. This miniseries begins on July 3. also shared a first look at issue #1's cover, which features the Grand Inquisitor, the Fifth Brother, the Ninth Sister, and the Seventh Sister with Darth Vader looming in the background.

Star Wars: Inquisitors cover from Marvel Comics. Image credit: /

Barnes shared his excitement to write for the new miniseries. Sharing with, he said, “It’s such an honor to be writing the very first Inquisitors solo story! I love this time period of Star Wars lore because it’s the one I grew up on — when Darth Vader and the Empire were imposing their will on the entire galaxy. Plus, I got to create an all-new legendary Jedi with Tensu Run! Truly the best of times!”

I am just beside myself with excitement for this new miniseries. Since the Grand Inquisitor was first introduced in Star Wars Rebels, this group has been a delight to get to know. As more stories have been released, I've truly loved exploring what makes a good person fall so disastrously into darkness. Sometimes, it's for petty reasons, like the Grand Inquisitor's story in Charles Soule's run of Darth Vader. Other times, it is trauma and manipulation, like in Star Wars Inquisitor: Rise of the Red Blade by Delilah S. Dawson. Or we can play it in a game and witness it firsthand, like in Jedi: Fallen Order. Regardless of what makes someone join the dark side, this group has some of my favorite baddies around. I can't wait to see how Barriss Offee's story continues in Tales of the Empire next month.

Marvel Comics' latest new miniseres Star Wars: Inquisitors arrives on July 3 on digital and at your local comic book store.

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