More cryptic tweets for 'The Bad Batch' are coming

Jennifer Corbett and the Kiners are back to troll fans
Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 1 Wrecker voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. Image Credit:
Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 1 Wrecker voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. Image Credit: /

If you were on Twitter during the last season of The Bad Batch, then you may have been like me, excitedly waiting for Tuesday nights. No, the show didn't premiere new episodes on Tuesdays. We were waiting to get trolled by showrunner Jennifer Corbett or the Kiner siblings, the series' composers with their dad, Kevin Kiner.

Sometimes separately but often together, they would drop cryptic tweets to hint at what fans had in store for the next episode of The Bad Batch. By far, my favorite was Deana and Sean hinting at the arrival of Doctor Hemlock by posting a picture of a man with a plant for a head. The issue was that they accidentally used the wrong plant, which is not a hemlock. The move was still funny because it was ridiculous to look at. The image confused everyone, but it still added intrigue for a new character.

Another example was when the Season 2 episode "The Outpost" premiered. Corbett's tweets were heavily influenced by the film All Quiet on the Western Front, which she had just watched. It actually paired nicely with Crosshair's big redemption episode, where he finally turned against the Empire.

These tweets are the creators having a bit of fun with the fandom while adding to the hype for the show. This is precisely why I cheered when I saw that Jennifer Corbett shared her intention to share more cryptic tweets for The Bad Batch's final season on Twitter. She said, "After a long hibernation, I hope 2024 will contain epic cryptic #badbatch tweets from @KinerMusic and myself."

The Kiners jokingly responded with, "Do we have to post on like thirty different platforms now though?"

Along with being excited about The Bad Batch's third and final season, the fandom experience that Jennifer Corbett and the Kiners share with fans is part of that. Yes, the Tweets are silly little jokes, but they also help keep excitement up for the show. I cannot wait to see how they troll us for the Batch's last mission.

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