Samuel L Jackson wants a Mace Windu series more than anyone

Samuel L. Jackson is more than ready to come back to Star Wars as Mace Windu.

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Don't tell Samuel L. Jackson that Mace Windu died in the climax of Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith, because he's not listening! Jackson was interviewed by Empire as part of their Star Wars Prequels 25th Anniversary Special, and he's raring to come back to the franchise.

If you're one of the fans who has wild theories about how Mace survived Palpatine's lethal force-lightening attack in Episode 3, then Jackson has good news for you. When asked whether Windu died when he got electrocuted and fell out the window, Jackson said, "He's not dead!". What's more, when asked if he wanted his own Mace Windu series, he said "Everything, Yes!".

At least he doesn't keep his intentions hidden, but Samuel L. Jackson isn't the only one who wants a Mace Windu series plus a return from the dead. Fans have been speculating about Mace's fate ever since The Mandalorian season 2 confirmed the return of Boba Fett from the literal jaws of death.

Fett survived the Sarlacc pit after George Lucas killed him off in the original trilogy, without so much as a second thought. If Fett can return and get his series, why can't Mace Windu? After all, it would mean the two could come face to face after several decades, and Star Wars fans love exciting confrontations.

Jedi Master Mace Windu is the guy who killed Boba's father, Jango Fett, in Episode 2: Attack of the Clones and changed Boba's life forever. Although Boba seems to have turned a corner and wants a better life for himself in The Book of Boba Fett, a potential confrontation between the two is a tempting possibility. If Jackson does get his way and Mace Windu returns for his own series, having it set during The Mandalorian era is the most exciting possibility. It would be interesting to hear where Mace has been all this time and what he thinks about everything that's happened to the Jedi since Order 66.

For now, there's no noise about a Mace Windu series, but maybe that's about to change very soon, especially if Samuel L. Jackson gets to have a say in the matter.