Star Wars Displates are the posters you are looking for

These metal posters have something for every Star Wars fan
Star Wars “March To May The 4th” Kicks Off In New York City, Delights Fans With New Products And A
Star Wars “March To May The 4th” Kicks Off In New York City, Delights Fans With New Products And A / Noam Galai/GettyImages

Are you a Star Wars fan that enjoys collecting unique decor for your home, room, or office space? 

Well, that is where Displates comes in! 

According to the company, Displates are “one-of-a-kind metal posters that capture a collector’s unique passions, from gaming and movies to travel and more.” These metal posters can come in a variety of sizes and finishes. What makes posters even more unique is that they are hung by a magnet and can go on almost any wall.

Star Wars Displates come with various designs that capture characters, vehicles, emblems, and moments from a galaxy far, far, away. 

The Displate posters that I received are The Clone Wars Anakin Skywalker, Captain Rex’s helmet, Tech from The Bad Batch, and a X-Wing Victory poster. 

What is amazing about The Clone Wars Anakin Skywalker poster is it depicts the Chosen One weidling his iconic blue lightsaber with a determined expression that tells you he’s ready for anything. This poster is one that would leave me feeling that I’m ready to take on the day ahead of me. 

The next poster is Captain Rex’s helmet, a humble reminder that “experience outranks everything.” The poster is graffiti-style and shows the unique battle-worn helmet, which is a combination of the Phase I and II Clone Trooper helmets. 

Then we have the Tech poster, which has the mantra “different by design.” The poster has a bust of the beloved Clone Trooper Tech and reminds us that defective is effective and to embrace our differences which makes us unique. 

Finally, there is the X-Wing Victory poster, which has a propaganda-style motif. The poster is an homage to the World War II propaganda posters with an X-Wing flying by. 

Displates are easy to install on the wall. First, you use a cleaning wipe to clean the area on the wall where you want to display the poster and wait for 10 minutes for it to dry. Then, place the protective leaf onto the wall and hold it for at least five seconds. After that, peel the foil from the magnet and place the magnet onto the protective leaf. Then, you place the metal poster onto the magnet.

Another cool thing about Displates is that if you have multiple metal posters, you can swap them with other posters thanks to the magnet on the wall. 

If you want to liven up your space with Star Wars Displates, you can purchase them at their website and decorate your wall with characters, vehicles, and moments from the Star Wars universe! 

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