Star Wars Outlaws releases 10 minutes of gameplay footage

A new little trailer also covers what sort of things fans can expect in the open world game
Star Wars: Outlaws story trailer reveal poster. Image Credit:
Star Wars: Outlaws story trailer reveal poster. Image Credit: /

Star Was Outlaws is just a few months away, and Ubisoft released 10 minutes of gameplay footage led by game director Mathias Karlson. In the footage, players got to see what a standard side mission would look like for the protagonist, Kay Vess, and her creature companion, Nix.

The gameplay walkthrough included a look at an important location, what the player can do on their ship, how to pick up extra credits along the way, and some of the space combat. Karlson explains how simple side missions could have major consequences. Choosing the right one could put you in favor of one crime syndicate while making you the enemy of others. Other villainous groups aren't the only thing you have to be wary of, as you don't want to get on the bad side of the Empire as well. The combat with Kay got some spotlight, too, and there are different ways Nix could be used as a distraction in combat.

No worries about losing your furry friend, though!'s interview with the creative director of Ubisoft's Massive Entertainment Julian Gerighty confirmed that Nix is bulletproof. Gerighty also discussed how they wanted to make a game that could be tailored to different fans, saying:

" That was very much part of our philosophy, to have interactions that were really intriguing and very different in terms of gameplay as well, so that it wasn't just a sneaking-shooting-traversal type of experience. There are lots of different flavors there for everyone."

Gerighty also added, "For the full experience, what we wanted to do was to create the scoundrel
lifestyle. And that includes so many different facets, from piloting not only your ship but also your speeder, to fisticuffs, to investigations. And every single session of gameplay is going to mix all of those things. But, of course, if you want to focus maybe on smuggling and contracts in space, that's something that you can do. But the real outlaw gameplay comes when you look at it as a whole and you experience all of these things."

You can read the full interview on Also, a new overview trailer was showcased on Star Wars social media, which had a few familiar faces in there.

Star Wars Outlaws is available for pre-order now. Pre-order package includes the Kessel Run Bonus Pack which includes a cosmetic pack for your speeder and for your ship, The Trailblazer. Star Wars Outlaws will be released on August 30 for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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