Tales of the Empire episode 5 recap: Barriss' no good, very bad day

Holy cow, I did not see that ending coming!
Star Wars: Tales of the Empire key artwork with Barriss Offee and Morgan Elsbeth. Image Credit: StarWars.com
Star Wars: Tales of the Empire key artwork with Barriss Offee and Morgan Elsbeth. Image Credit: StarWars.com /

This article has full spoilers for Star Wars: Tales of the Empire episode 5, "Realization."

Star Wars: Tales of the Empire continues the journey of Barriss Offee as an Inquisitor after the events of the previous episode. Let’s recap everything you might have missed in episode 5, "Realization."

We open with Barriss and the Fourth Sister on a mission. They’re hunting a Jedi working with a rebel cell. Barriss isn’t so sure, as the intel isn’t clear whether the person is a Jedi or not. However, that doesn’t matter to the Fourth Sister, as they have a job to do.

They arrive on a desolate world where a town is in ruins, and people are trying to survive. The townsfolk hide from the Inquisitors as they pass. Barriss wonders why these people have so little. The Fourth Sister said since they didn’t show loyalty to the Empire, this destruction is what they get. Barriss wants to complete the mission so these people can finally flourish under the Empire.

The women head into the ruined town to the market area. The townspeople are clearly wary of them. An older man comes forward, saying there is no Jedi in the city. The Fourth Sister spread propaganda about how dangerous the Jedi can be with their mind control and special powers. The Inquisitors only want to protect the people of the Empire. The man presses again, saying that there was never a Jedi there.

Barriss notices a small child hiding. She kneels down, removes her helmet, and kindly asks the child what she wants to know. The little girl is scared and says the Jedi is hiding in the mountains. Barriss tells the girl she did the right thing for her people.

Barriss tells the Fourth Sister the Jedi is in the mountains, and she starts to leave. But the Fourth Sister isn’t done. She drawls her lightsaber, and to Barriss’ horror, the Fourth Sister starts to massacre the townspeople. The little girl runs to Barriss, clutching her in fear. Quickly, the screams start to fade until the only person left alive is the little girl. Barris steps in front of her as the Fourth Sister eyes the child…

And the Fourth Sister sheaths her blade and leaves. Barriss pulls the girl away from the massacre scene and tells her not to look back. The girl stands stunned, watching the women leave her village.

On the walk to the mountains, Barriss questions what just happened, as their job is to bring order. The Fourth Sister argues it was order, as they were a rebel cell. Barriss counters that it would create fear, turning citizens against the Empire. Disagreeing, the Fourth Sister says that it is strength which will breed respect.

As the sun sets, they climb the mountainside. Suddenly, an avalanche almost takes them both out. Barriss falls behind but climbs up the rest of the way. When she gets over the cliff edge, she sees the Fourth Sister fighting the Jedi.

It’s a quick, flurried battle with Barriss running into the fray. The Fourth Sister gets knocked out, and Barriss blocks the Jedi’s blow from killing her. Barriss pleads with the Jedi to surrender peacefully. The Jedi call her a traitor and a murderer, and they rush into battle Barriss. She continues to desperately try to convince them to lay down their weapon. She tells them the Jedi are gone, but they don’t have to give their life to a destroyed cause. She offers them the same chance she was offered to join the Inquisitors.

Just as the Jedi seems to be giving in, the Fourth Sister springs up and strikes at them.

The Fourth Sister takes their lightsaber, but Barriss realizes that the Jedi is still alive! She wants to take them to their ship to save their life. The Fourth Sister doesn’t care.

Barriss is mad! The Jedi was about to peacefully surrender to the Inquisitors. The Fourth Sister says all Jedi must be eradicated. Barriss pauses, saying, “Then you have one Jedi left to deal with.”

She shoves the Fourth Sister with the Force over the side of the cliff, sending the woman plummeting below! Barriss removes her helmet and drops it over the side. She returns to the fallen Jedi, still alive, and tells them they’re not alone.

This is where Tales of the Empire episode 5, “Realization,” comes to a close.

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