The Acolyte episode 5 recap: The Red Wedding of Star Wars

Did your favorite character survive?
(Clockwise from front): Master Sol (Lee Jung-jae), Yord Fandar (Charlie Barnett) and Jedi Padawan Jecki Lon (Dafne Keen) in Lucasfilm's THE ACOLYTE, season one, exclusively on Disney+. ©2024 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved.
(Clockwise from front): Master Sol (Lee Jung-jae), Yord Fandar (Charlie Barnett) and Jedi Padawan Jecki Lon (Dafne Keen) in Lucasfilm's THE ACOLYTE, season one, exclusively on Disney+. ©2024 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved. /

WARNING: This has full spoilers for Star Wars: The Acolyte episode 5, "Night."

The last episode of Star Wars: The Acolyte “Day” was a wild ending! Mae decided to switch sides, leaving Qimir behind. Planning to turn herself to the Wookiee Jedi Master Kelnacca, she found the Jedi slayed in his cabin. She realized her dark side Master was there. Outside, the master ignited their lightsaber to face down Osha and the other Jedi.

Let’s recap everything that happened in The Acolyte episode 5, “Night.”

We open with Osha waking up from being knocked unconscious. Ember and ash drift from the sky. She hears the clashing of lightsabers in the distance. Tripping on a dead Jedi, she sees her companions fighting with the dark side master. One by one, he slowly kills the Jedi and wounds Yord. Osha tries to stun the dark side master, getting his attention. Yord screams at her to run. Osha takes off with the Dark Sider just behind.

Inside Jedi Master Kelnacca’s hut nearby, Osha’s twin Mae takes the deceased Wookiee’s lightsaber and hurries out.

Osha sprints into the woods, hearing the whirling of a lightsaber behind her. Sol appears to block the blade, Force pushing Osha to the wounded Yord. As Yord hauls Osha away, Sol stares down the Dark Sider.

Yord spots Bazil, their tracker, and Yord follows him back to the ship. Osha wants to go back and help Sol. Yord pulls her along, going after the tracker.

Back with Sol, the Dark Sider clearly recognizes Sol. He asks if the Jedi recognizes him. Sol can sense the person is familiar, and they begin their brawl in the woods. Sol demands that the Dark Sider remove the mask, but the Dark Sider refuses, saying that Sol should know all about hiding his face. The person Force pushes Sol back. When the Jedi looks up, the person is gone.

Meanwhile, as Mae tries to escape, Sol’s padawan, Jecki Lon, leaps out of nowhere and dropkicks her. The two start their own battle as Jecki tries to arrest Mae. Jecki is sliced by one of Mae’s knives, screaming out.

Osha hears Jecki’s cry and wants to go back. She asks Yord what the Dark Sider is. He doesn’t know, saying the person is getting inside his head. Osha says her mom, Mother Aniseya, could do that. Yord keeps them moving.

Despite being wounded, Jecki to get binders on Mae. She picks up Kelnacca’s saber—

Just as the Dark Sider rushes out of the woods to swipe at her! The battle is intense, with the Master saying Mae could learn from a loyal padawan like Jecki. Lighting both lightsabers, Jecki continues her fight with the Dark Sider as Mae fleets into the woods. Jecki’s original saber is damaged in the fight, but she still has Kelnacca’s. The Dark Sider once again vanishes, so Jecki hurries after Mae.

Back with Osha and Yord, Osha realizes they are near where they ran into the giant bug creatures in episode 4, “Day.” She remembers that light attracts them. They hear the chittering of the creatures nearby and continue more slowly.

Mae, fleeing into the forest, sees visions of her master right before he tries to cut her down. She tumbles out of the way, barely missing the blade. Mae begs for forgiveness. He slices towards her—

But Sol pulls the Dark Sider back with the Force as Jecki attacks with her Master! Mae tries to escape, but her Master keeps pulling her back despite being in an intense two-on-one battle with the Jedi. So, Mae calls out to the Force for her sister…

And Osha hears Mae’s call. Osha gets a plan. Lighting her flashlight, the bugs start to follow as they sprint to their allies.

Who are just in the midst of a wicked brawl. Using his metal mask, the Dark Sider headbutts and breaks Sol’s saber hilt. Sol doesn’t miss a beat, immediately switching to hand-to-hand combat. He pushes the Dark Sider Back.

Jecki springs into the fray, breaking the Master’s mask. But as he whips out a second saber, the Dark Sider stabs Jecki. Sol cries out as his padawan falls, revealing that the Dark Side Master was Mae’s ally, Qimir, the entire time!

Sol says that Jecki was a child. Qimir counters that Sol was the one who brought her there in the first place. He rips Mae to him with the Force, choking her with his bare hands. Sol strikes towards him, and Qimir blocks it, saying it’s not very Jedi of him.

So, Sol tosses his saber to the side, asking what Qimir is. Qimir says he has no name, though someone like Sol might call him a Sith. He’s risking his discovery because he simply wants to wield his power the way he wants to. He wants an acolyte, but Mae, who he’s still strangling and holding his lightsaber to her head, goes back on the deal they made. Since Mae exposed him, he now has to kill all the Jedi who have seen him. These are the rules, Qimir quips, that the Jedi made. Because the Jedi say he is not allowed to exist.

Suddenly, Yord swoops in, distracting Qimir for Mae to roll away. Yord recognizes Qimir—

Just long enough for Qimir to snap Yord’s neck!

Mae tries to flee but Osha appears and stuns her sister.

Sol’s rage overflows, and he fights back in anger, absolutely decimating Qimir. Before he can behead Qimir, Osha stops him. Qimir can’t believe Osha can trust Sol after “everything he’s done to you, Osha.”

Qimir says he’s accepted his darkness; what has Sol done with his.

Sol hears the bug creatures that Osha has brought, quickly turning off his lightsaber. He quips the Jedi don’t attack the unarmed. Qimir laughs at the Jedi’s rules.

Telling her little droid, Pip, that she loves him, Osha lights up Pip and sticks the droid onto Qimir’s back. Narrowly ducking from his lightsaber, Osha and Sol watch as the massive bug creatures swarm Qimir. They lift him into the air, carrying him away into the night.

Mae wants to know why Qimir told her not to trust Sol. Before he can explain, Mae has awakened and stuns Sol.

Dawn is breaking, and the two sisters are once again face to face. Mae says she did everything for Osha and their family. Osha counters that it’s only ever been for Mae. She blames Mae for her Jedi family’s deaths tonight. Mae says the Jedi invaded their home and that Osha has been brainwashed by them. Mae hugs Osha, saying she loves her, and can help Osha return to herself. She wants Osha to choose her.

Osha twists her arm, saying she is there to arrest Mae. Mae fights back, saying that Sol stole her from them, from a family, from love. She Force pushes Osha, knocking her out. Taking up one of the fallen lightsabers, Mae cuts her hair with it to be the same length as Osha’s.

Elsewhere in the woods, Pip falls on the forest floor as corpses of bugs crumble around. Qimir lands on his feet, heading off into the distance. Out of the brush comes the tracker Bazil. He picks up Pip, sneaking away and following Osha’s scent.

Sol wakes up to find Osha helping him up. They say they have to get to the ship and return to town. Bazil follows them onto the ship as well, still sniffing away.

Returning to the battlefield, Qimir picks up his things as he moves through bodies. He finds the real Osha on the ground, as Mae has stolen her clothes to go with Sol. Qimir covers Osha with his cloak.

This is where episode 5, “Night,” ends.

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