Tales of the Empire episode 4 review: Devoted

After over 10 years of waiting, fans finally found out what happened to Barriss Offee after The Clone Wars.

In the fourth episode of Tales of the Empire, "Devoted," we are taken on a thrilling journey deep into the heart of darkness, exploring the complex character of Barriss Offee and the sinister world of the Imperial Inquisitors. From the very beginning, this episode grabs hold of your attention and doesn't let go. The nod to Order 66 serves as a stark reminder of the tragic events that led to the downfall of the Jedi Order. It's a moment that hits hard, tugging at the heartstrings of any Star Wars fan who has felt the weight of that pivotal moment in galactic history.

But it's Barriss Offee's story, and we find her in her prison cell, witnessing Order 66 from a distance. After her shocking betrayal of Ahsoka Tano in The Clone Wars, many thought her arc was over. Tales of the Empire flips the script and thrusts Barriss back into the spotlight, forcing her to confront her past and the dark path she has chosen. The return of the Grand Inquisitor from Star Wars Rebels only adds to the tension and excitement of the episode and is personally my favorite part. Voiced by the same actor, Jason Isaacs, and animated with the same menacing presence as before, the Grand Inquisitor is as threatening as ever, reminding us that there is no room for mercy or hesitation in the eyes of the Empire.

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This idea shows itself in Ahmer's death. Killed by the Grand Inquisitor for attempting to leave and refusing to take part in becoming an Inquisitor. This development is both chilling and entertaining. Barriss warned him against it, probably sensing that fate. The death of Ahmer serves as a brutal reminder of the stakes at play in this deadly game of cat and mouse. It's a sobering moment that drives home the harsh reality of life under Imperial rule and the lengths to which the Empire will go to maintain its iron grip on the galaxy.

Perhaps the most compelling aspect of the episode is the dynamic between Barriss and the Grand Inquisitor. Their showdown is nothing short of epic, with each moment dripping with tension and anticipation. Despite the odds stacked against her, Barriss refuses to back down, proving herself a formidable opponent even in the face of overwhelming darkness.

Then there's that jaw-dropping moment when Barriss is forced to confront her own moral limits in a final showdown with Dante. It's a battle of wills as much as a physical confrontation, with Barriss ultimately emerging victorious—but at what cost? She wins over Dante by force-choking him, ultimately sacrificing morals for her victory. But can we really blame her? Her failure would cost her life. These scenes were intense, disheartening, and epic. Seeing Barriss kick butt is the highlight of the episode, even if it is for the Empire.

The revelation of Darth Vader as Barriss's new master is the perfect ending to an already thrilling episode. It's a chilling reminder of the power and influence of the dark side and sets the stage for what promises to be an epic journey into the heart of darkness for Barriss Offee. Tales of the Empire's "Devoted" is a great beginning for Barriss, with its intense moments, compelling character introductions, and jaw-dropping plot twists keeping viewers on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

Tales of the Empire left a lot to be desired. Tales of the Empire left a lot to be desired. dark. Next