The Acolyte episode 6 recap: Feeding the fangirls well

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The Stranger (Manny Jacinto) in Lucasfilm's THE ACOLYTE, season one, exclusively on Disney+. ©2024 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved.
The Stranger (Manny Jacinto) in Lucasfilm's THE ACOLYTE, season one, exclusively on Disney+. ©2024 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved. /

What a week it’s been waiting for the latest episode of Star Wars: The Acolyte. From a mourning Yorde Horde to everyone thirsting over Qimir’s arms, it’s been a fun one. However, it’s time to get back into the story. With Mae swapping places with Osha to go after Sol and leaving her sister for Qimir, let’s see what happens next.

Here is our recap of The Acolyte episode 6, “Teach/Corrupt.”

We open with Osha awakening in a fairly well-stocked cave with provisions, a bed, fresh water, and more. Her wounds have been treated, and there’s food cooking nearby. She tip-toes through, hearing the chittering of animals nearby. Following it, she finds a bag with clothes and a knife inside.

Osha dresses and steps out with a knife in hand on the rocky beach where episode one ended. She’s on an island in the middle of the ocean. The subtitles state it’s an unknown planet.

Osha makes her way down the rocky shore, seeing a nearby landing pad. She spots Qimir walking along the beach.

Back on Khofar, Sol takes off in the Jedi shuttle and calls Coruscant with an emergency transmission. However, the signal isn’t going through clearly, and he struggles to get the message across to Vernestra Rwoh.

Meanwhile, Mae, posing as her sister Osha, walks through the Jedi shuttle, remembering when Master Indara tested her as a child on whether or not she was Force-sensitive. Bazil, the Tynnan tracker with a great nose, cautiously watches her and sniffs the air. She tries to sneak in to kill him, but Sol brushes past her to reset their transceiver. He gives her permission to fly the ship.

Down below, Sol takes a long moment to himself, slapping his hand against the console. He’s alone, his entire team, his padawan, his friends, all killed by Qimir. He finished resetting the console and heads back up to the cockpit.

Bazil finally sneaks out and fixes Osha’s droid Pip.

Back on the unknown planet, Qimir undresses to bathe as Osha sneaks closer with her own knife. However, she spots his lightsaber and carefully picks it up. But Qimir knows she’s there. He asks Osha how it feels to hold a lightsaber again in the hands of an ex-Jedi since she didn’t keep her own saber when she left the Order. He gives her tips on her stance and steps back out of the water to put his clothes back on.

He says her anger betrays her thoughts of vengeance. She demands to know if he killed Sol or Mae. Qimir thinks it's interesting that she asked about her old Jedi master before her twin sister. He says it’s an interesting relationship between master and pupil before walking off.

Back with Sol and Mae, Sol returns to the cockpit and hugs Mae. He wants to make things right and face the High Council to “tell them everything.” Suddenly, their ship shuts down. Sol, again thinking this is Osha, who was a mechanic, asks if Mae could go check to see what’s wrong. She follows and heads out.

We jump to Coruscant, where Vernestra is speaking with a senator, who is warning her that other senators want external reviews of the Jedi Order. Vernestra sees a Jedi named Mog walk in, and she dismisses the call. Mog tells her of Sol’s broken-up message. He at least was able to confirm his team had been wiped out. Vernestra tells Mog to get a rescue team to go to Khofar immediately.

With Qimir, Osha asks if Qimir was a Jedi which he confirms he was “a very long time ago.” She says that Sol will come for her with his power; Qimir says it’s her power in the Force, not Sol’s. He offers her a meal or a chance to swim to his nearby ship on the docking platform. She follows Qimir.

Back with Mae, she meets a rude greeting from Bazil and Pip. Bazil stomps on her foot and hurries off. Pip doesn’t suffer a good fate, as Mae resets him to factory settings.

Osha follows Qimir, asking about her strength in the Force. Qimir explains the Jedi teach there is only one way to access the Force. If you don’t exercise it their way, it will fade. However, he said it can also be tapped into with emotions: Anger, fear, loss, desire.

Osha counters that’s the path to the dark side. He says it’s semantics. She snaps back that he killed her friends. Qimir counters that Yord didn’t hesitate to try to turn her in, while Jecki wouldn’t have gotten close to her because of the Jedi Code. She says she’s not as easily corrupted as her sister and leaves the cave.

Qimir follows her out, telling her to kill him with his own lightsaber. She says Jedi don’t attack the unarmed. He asks why she keeps calling herself a Jedi when “The Jedi didn’t want you.” He says the anger and pain she’s feeling is why they threw her away.

She snaps back, igniting the saber and screaming that she failed. He says he understands because he lost everything, too. When you lose everything, “you’re finally free.”

On Coruscant, Vernestra is ready to join Mog and the team on the mission. He’s nervous because Vernestra gets sick in hyperspace. She says it’s unsettling, which is a callback to her novel appearances where Vernestra has Force visions while traveling through hyperspace (more on that here). Vernestra walks out to lead her team.

Back with Sol, he calls her in with him as Bazil sneaks through the vents. Sol is beating himself up for not sensing Qimir on Olega. Sol is happy she found Pip. Mae says that she (pretending to be Osha) had to lose a lot of herself to become a Jedi. She demands to know what happened on Brendok when she was young.

The ship comes back online, and Mae goes to the cockpit. Suddenly, Sol stuns her and says, “Oh, Mae…” with Bazil just behind him.

He gets a message that a rescue team is on its way and shuts off the transmission.  With that, he jumps to hyperspace right before Vernestra’s crew arrives.

Down on Khofar’s surface, Mog explains to Vernestra that the umbramoths of the forest could have killed all the Jedi. She leads the group towards the forest to investigate.

On the unknown planet, Qimir works to repair his helmet. Osha asks if he gave Mae the same pitch. He said he messed up with Mae, thinking she wanted the same thing. He wants “The Power of Two.” She sees his scar, deducing it was his Jedi master that gave it to him.

He says his helmet blocks his senses just like how they trained as Jedi younglings, so it’s just him and the Force and “what you bring with you.” He says she should try it and trust herself. She considers the helmet but doesn’t try it yet.

On Khofar, Vernestra and her team find Jecki, Yord, and the fallen Jedi from the last episode. Mog notes Osha and Mae are gone and walks through the events. Mog accuses Sol, and Vernestra is quick to chastise him for that. She mutters this is “something to tip the scales” and commands to prepare the bodies to go back to the ship.

Mae awakens, and she’s bound to the medical bed. Sol looks on, saying he has no intention of harming her. He wants her to help him find her master and Osha. However, there’s something different about Sol as he speaks to Mae. Almost more sinister, he says she will listen to him.

The episode ends with Osha looking over Qimir’s helmet. She finally picks it up and puts it on.

This is where episode 6, “Teach/Corrupt” ends.

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