The Acolyte premiere reviews are pouring in (and it's exactly as I expected)

The series had its two-episode premiere launch yesterday, and everyone's raving about it.
Launch Of Disney+ And Lucasfilm New TV Series "The Acolyte"
Launch Of Disney+ And Lucasfilm New TV Series "The Acolyte" / Jon Kopaloff/GettyImages

The Acolyte just had its two-episode red carpet premiere, and the reviews and first impressions are pouring in.

Imagine stepping into a Star Wars celebration where everyone’s invited - no need to brush up on your Wookieepedia, just know your Jedi from your Sith and you're golden. According to many reviews, the series is like jumping into hyperspace without needing to calculate anything - it's that accessible and thrilling. Set in the less explored dark corners of the Star Wars universe, The Acolyte is not your typical Jedi party. It's more like a cosmic game of cat and mouse. Lee Jung-jae, playing a wise and weary Jedi Master, is on a galaxy-wide hunt for his former apprentice, played by Amandla Stenberg. Intrigue, suspense, and lightsaber action make it a narrative cocktail that's got everyone talking.

I, as well as plenty of fans out there, have beed worried that The Acolyte could fizzle out, like some recent Star Wars shows like Ahsoka, The Book of Boba Fett, and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Well, I'm happy to say that, based on what I've read so far about the show, it's basically Andor but with Force powers - which is fantastic. Andor did the best storytelling out of every single live-action Star Wars show so far (Clone Wars will never be unseated), and it's about time Disney learned that that's the kind of Star Wars story fans have been yearning for. Needless to say, the pressure has been hotter than Tatooine at noon for The Acolyte.

But the first impressions so far? Stellar!

Fans and critics alike who got a sneak peek are raving. They're calling it "refreshingly unique" and "a bold new direction for Star Wars." The blend of mystery and familiar lore has everyone on their toes. And the fact you can jump into this story with zero background and still get hooked from the get-go opens the doors to the lore and franchise even wider.

Based on what I've seen around the socials, there are two constantly mentioned points on how The Acolyte is impressing everyone:

Fresh Faces, Epic Places: Amandla Stenberg shines bright as a star about to supernova, and Lee Jung-jae brings a gravitas that anchors the whole cosmic drama. After years of seeing the same faces, hearing the same names, and going to the same places, this is exactly what the franchise needs: to completely walk away from the Skywalker saga.

Simple Yet Deep: It’s Star Wars at its heart - good vs. evil, light vs. dark - but with a twisty plot that turns these binaries on their heads.

Clear your calendar for June 4th, because Star Wars: The Acolyte is hitting Disney+ and it’s going to be a blockbuster evening. Prepare to dive into a Star Wars experience like no other.

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