The Bad Batch: Does Crosshair know what happened to Tech?

The Bad Batch premiere raises the question of whether or not Crosshair knows that Tech died.

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The Bad Batch Season 3 premiere kicked off with a bang, but it also raised a particular question.

Crosshair and Omega have formed an unlikely friendship. Even though Crosshair is reluctant, Omega manages to melt his heart. The two escaped Mount Tantiss together, and while hiding from ships searching for them overhead, they briefly talked about Tech.

Crosshair asks Omega whether she knows about Plan 72, and she tells him that Tech had her memorize every plan. To this, Crosshair replies, "Of course he did." It's in typical, dry, sarcastic, and snickering Crosshair fashion, but with a hint of warmth. However, it begs the question:

Does Crosshair know that Tech died? Did Omega tell him? Is Crosshair and Omega's friendship the result of their bonding over their brothers and the loss of Tech?

It's heartbreaking if he knows, as it's likely why he thinks he deserves to stay at the Empire's research facility. Maybe he wants to punish himself and hates himself for leaving his brothers. However, if he doesn't know, it's scary to imagine what his reaction to the news will be. Crosshair is a complicated character. By the end of Episode 3, "Shadow of Tantiss", it feels like he's turned a corner. He's positive, he's supportive, and he's altogether a better person. Finding out about Tech could be a big blow to him and set him back.

The last thing anyone would want is for Crosshair to return to his family only to leave again out of guilt. He will probably feel awkward when he meets them again, but the added knowledge that they just lost one of their brothers could send him spiraling. But it could also serve as a way to bring him closer to his brothers, and he can help them heal and move forward. He's already connected to Omega, and she will serve as the key to bringing everyone back together. It's what she does best.

Tech (Dee Bradley Baker) falls in Star Wars: The Bad Batch episode "Plan 99" /

The news of Tech's demise is likely something Crosshair has no idea about, and he's in for a major heartbreak. If the show has proven anything, it's that the Batch is a family. No matter how much Crosshair pretends he doesn't care about that family, he does. He cares about every single one of them, including their youngest member, Omega.

If Crosshair learns about Tech's demise in the next few episodes, it will hopefully serve as a way to bring everyone closer and heal whatever wounds remain from Crosshair's betrayal.

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