The Bad Batch season 3, episode 6 recap: Back at The Clone Wars movie

Hey Rex! Welcome back to the show!

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 "The Return." Omega, Echo, and Wrecker. Image Credit:
Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 "The Return." Omega, Echo, and Wrecker. Image Credit: /

This recap includes major spoilers for The Bad Batch Season 3, episode 6 "Infiltration."

Star Wars: The Bad Batch third season continues with episode 6 “Infiltration.” Let’s recap everything that happened in the episode.

We open surprisingly with a Season 1 throwback to the episode "Common Ground" with former Separatist senator Avi Singh and his droid GS-8 being led by a hooded figure, which is Rex! The mysterious new Imperial clone trooper watches them through a scope.

They are meeting with Senator Riyo Chuchi, who has become an ally of Rex and the clones ever since Season 2. Riyo sits with Senator Singh, and they begin their chat. Once enemies during the Clone Wars, they’re now united in one thing: Opposing the Empire.

Meanwhile, the Imperial clone moves through the sewers and sneaks into the building with the senators. Rex springs into action with their men to protect the senators, keeping the two from being blown up. They follow him into the sewers, but the Imperial clone is sneaky.

But not sneaky enough! One of Rex’s men stuns him, and it’s another brainwashed clone like we’ve seen in earlier seasons. Rex and his men call these wiped clone troopers “shadows.”

They take the shadow clone to Rex’s base, which is the B’omarr Monastery on Teth, an excellent callback to Rex’s first appearance in The Clone Wars movie. It’s become Rex’s base of operations, full of clones. They also find a highly encrypted datapuck on the shadow clone. Rex gently tries to talk to the shadow clone, but he refuses to talk.

Back on Mount Tantiss, Clone Commando Scotch activates another shadow clone. The one that Rex has still has a homing beacon on him. The new shadow clone is to find the old one (in turn, finding Rex’s base in the process) and take that clone out.

One of Rex’s men interrupts the clone interrogation to reveal that their shadow clone was after both Singh and Omega. Rex sends his man to let Echo and Hunter know. Howzer disagrees with Rex in keeping Clone Force 99 away. Howzer wants to interrogate Crosshair despite Echo already having done so, which Rex disagrees with.

Back with the Batch, they’re on their way to Rex’s base to talk, which is lining up everything nicely because that’s where the new shadow clone is going too.

The Batch arrives, and Howzer is immediately hostile towards Crosshair. Most of his squad on Ryloth were killed because of Crosshair’s action in Season 1. Echo stops Omega from going to give her a present: A new energy crossbow.

The new shadow clone also arrives, hiding his ship in the Teth jungle. He heads out to find his target.

Rex brings the Batch inside and gets them up to speed about Omega as a target. Omega joins them, giving extra context as to why she might be a target. She also brings up the M-Counts. Omega doesn’t know what those are, but Rex has heard of it before.

The new shadow clone gets to the base, planting explosives on the ships outside as he sneaks around.

Crosshair adds some of the clones that are still loyal to the Empire, explaining the shadow clones. Hemlock tried to make Crosshair into a shadow clone, but it thankfully didn’t work. As a member of the Batch, he’s always been “defective.” Rex says they have one here alive, and Crosshair immediately warns them that the Empire is coming for that clone.

This shadow clone is so good that he literally walks into the room with everyone, hides in a dark corner, and targets Omega…. But then he stops, lowering his rifle. He sneaks back outside and informs the Empire he has eyes on Omega for Dr. Hemlock. The Empire is sending backup to take Omega alive.

The group goes to the shadow clone in the cell. Crosshair immediately wants them to leave the base. The shadow clone calls out Crosshair specifically, playing to Howzer’s concerns.

The new shadow clone springs into action, blowing up all of their ships. After taking out the last shadow clone, a fight breaks out between the new baddie and the rest of the clones. In the fray, a detonator goes off, collapsing the room.

"Infiltration" ends when the Imperial ships begin to arrive. Leading them is Commander Wolffe, still loyal to the Empire and not his nice, trauma-filled future self from Star Wars Rebels.

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