The Bad Batch: What's causing Crosshair's tremors?

Crosshair's tremors are getting worse, and it could be a sign of bad times ahead for him.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 4, Episode 4 "A Different Approach." Crosshair. Image Credit:
Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 4, Episode 4 "A Different Approach." Crosshair. Image Credit: /

Crosshair fans have a lot of things to be happy about these days in The Bad Batch, but his hand tremors aren't one of them. The tremors are worrying and seem to have become more frequent. Crosshair isn't taking them seriously. This seems like the perfect recipe for disaster, and we're not ready to see where it's going.

There hasn't been any clear reason given for Crosshair's tremors. There likely won't be one anytime soon since he's not ready to have his hand looked at. The tremors are now getting in the way of Crosshair's ability to accurately shoot at targets, which turns him from an elite soldier to someone very ordinary. This might lead to dire consequences for Crosshair and the Batch, but what's causing these tremors?

There are several possible explanations for why this is happening to him. Let's take a look at some of them:


There's no question that Crosshair has been through hell. His experiences during the Clone War and his time at Mount Tantiss have been very stressful, and the tremor in his hand might be the result of that stress. He hasn't talked to anyone about what happened to him as a prisoner on Mount Tantiss and prefers to keep his feelings mostly to himself. In "The Return," when Hunter confronts him about his past, Crosshair's hand begins to shake. This may be contributing to his PTSD. Crosshair may have been tortured on Mount Tantiss. His hand tremors could be a result of this, as well as of having his blood drawn regularly.

Toxic Nerve Gas

During Season 2, Dr. Hemlock exposes Crosshair to a toxic gas that immobilizes him but doesn't have any impact on Hemlock. Maybe the tremors are a result of the gas, as it could have permanently damaged nerves in Crosshair's hand, causing tremors. Maybe as time passes, the effects of this gas could wear off.

Brain Injury

Crosshair has scars from his head injury in Season 1, but that's not the only time he's been injured in his life. Crosshair has been hit many times on his head and limbs as a soldier. A head injury might've left him with damage that's causing tremors in his hand. If left untreated, this can cause other symptoms, too, leaving Crosshair unable to continue fighting in battles with his brothers, which would be truly sad.

Time will tell why Crosshair is having tremors, but it's clearly a major plot point and will significantly impact what he does for the rest of the season. Most fans were waiting for the show to focus on him. Seeing his growth as a character is great, but the tremors cause concern for Crosshair's future. Hopefully, it's something he can overcome and not something that puts him or his siblings in any significant danger.

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