The best Star Wars couple is in a show no one watched

Star Wars Resistance walked so later shows like Andor and Obi-Wan Kenobi could run

Venisa and Imanuel Doza from Star Wars Resistance. Image Credit:
Venisa and Imanuel Doza from Star Wars Resistance. Image Credit: /

Star Wars Resistance is my baby that broke the mold in so many ways. It was the first Star Wars show that didn't try to actively change canon like its predecessors, The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. Instead, it was a study of characters and world-building in a changing time period as fascisim invaded. The plot of Resistance's first season is the exact same as Andor, only Resistance presents these heavy themes in a way for kids to understand. Resistance laid the ground work for a character study-like show like Obi-Wan Kenobi. It swung for the fences every episode. It didn't always hit a home run, but it always took chances and was never safe. In a major way that Resistance broke the mold was in one of its key romances:

Imanuel and Venisa Doza.

We're introduced early to Captain Imanuel Doza, who is in charge of the fueling station, the Colossus. He's the father of Ace pilot Torra. Throughout the first season, Torra's mother is away. It's revealed that Venisa is a Resistance pilot who once fought in the Rebellion. She's the leader of Jade Squadron investigating the rise of the First Order. Venisa makes her debut in Season 2.

Imanuel and Venisa are unique in many ways. Imanuel is the first time we see a stay-at-home dad on screen while Venisa is off fighting the war. He's a wonderful dad to Torra while looking out for the people on his station while the First Order slowly invades. The couple ends up fighting the war on both fronts as it arrives on their doorstep.

Venisa, Torra, and Imanuel Doza from Star Wars Resistance. Image Credit: /

When Venisa does come into the show, it's clear this couple knows exactly how to work together. They balance each other well as they bounce ideas off each other. Imanuel clearly values his wife's opinion as she's the reason he has this life. Doza was an Imperial officer whom she convinced to leave and join the Rebellion. She saved him in many ways, and he vehemently loves his wife. When the First Order baddie Commander Pyre dared to question Doza choosing love over the Empire, Imanuel promptly told him off in one of the few times he got angry in the series.

But I think the most unique thing about Imanuel and Venisa is that when Resistance ends, they're both alive and so is their daughter Torra. Isn't that sad that there is so much tragedy in Star Wars that the fact this happy, loving family makes it out alive is unique? For once, we have a family intact as the show ends. That doesn't mean the stakes aren't high, as the final episode is about kicking the First Order off the Colossus. But Resistance has always told high-stakes storytelling without tragedy. It's still a show with "Wars" in the title, but it found unique ways tell a powerful narrative without ripping this family to shreads.

I adore Resistance for so many reasons (shout out to my other favorite couple Orka and Flix), and the Dozas are a big part of that. Imanuel and Venisa are a stunning example of love, dedication, and trust in a galaxy far, far away.

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