The Rey movie has new characters but no word on returning ones

Daisy Ridley attended SXSW promoting her new movie 'Magpie' and shared a bit of insight on the upcoming Rey Skywalker film

The IMDb Portrait Studio At SXSW 2024
The IMDb Portrait Studio At SXSW 2024 / Corey Nickols/GettyImages

Daisy Ridley has gotten quite good at saying just enough to get the internet excited while still not giving a lot. While promoting her new film Magpie at SXSW, Deadline sat down with the actor where she shared a few tasty hints for her upcoming Rey Skywalker film.

While there have been rumors that the movie will show Rey's new Force academy, don't expect any of her students to be her own. “I would say she probably doesn’t have children, seeing she’s a Jedi," Ridley said, indicating she doesn't have any offspring of her own. This doesn't mean she won't have students, which is a significant difference. With found family being a constant theme in the Star Wars universe, it wouldn't be surprising if any students Rey might have are like family.

She also shared some minor insight about other characters in the film, stating, “I know there’s an introduction of new characters. I don’t know about previous characters."

It should be assumed that some new characters would be on the way for a new movie. This is a given as all Star Wars films introduce some sort of new people for each installment. I think the bigger point here is waiting to see if old characters would return. One of the biggest question marks is Finn.

It was heavily hinted in The Rise of Skywalker that Finn was Force-sensitive, but never confirmed on screen. The LEGO specials released afterward, while non-canon, leaned into this story, showing Finn training with Rey, being able to communicate with Force ghosts, and building a lightsaber. If there is a student for Rey's academy, Finn is the number one choice. It would also be great to get Oscar Isaac back, but that man is busy. We'll have to see if the sequel trilogy trio are reunited.

It's still going to be a bit of time before we get solid information about the Rey movie, though the bits here and there from Daisy Ridley are fun to chew on.

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