This week in Star Wars comics: Doctor Aphra heads off to the sunset

Alyssa Wong's GLAAD Award nominated comic comes to an end.
Star Wars: Doctor Aphra from Marvel Comics. Image Credits:
Star Wars: Doctor Aphra from Marvel Comics. Image Credits: /

This week in Star Wars comics, one of the ongoing series comes to an end. It might be the only book dropping at your local comic store today (or on digital if that's your jam), but it's been one of the fan-favorite stories every month. Let's jump into what we have this week!

Doctor Aphra #40

Alyssa Wong's run of Doctor Aphra from Marvel Comics concludes three years of storytelling with issue #40. Coming off the heels of the Dark Droids comic event at the end of last year, the previous issue left on a cliffhanger when everyone's favorite mess of an archeologist did something selfless for once to save the galaxy and the people she loves. You'll have to pick up the issue to see if Aphra made it out of her last adventure. The illustrator on #40 is Minkyu Jung, the colorist is Rachelle Rosenberg, and the cover artist is Betsy Cola.

Following on the heels of Kieron Gillen's run, who also created the character along with Salvador Larroca, Alyssa Wong's series has been highly praised, especially for being so unapologetically queer, introducing a large amount of the franchise's LGBTQIA+ characters. Gillen won the GLAAD Award for Outstanding Comic Book with his run in 2020, and Wong was recently nominated for the same category for their series earlier this month.

In response to the GLAAD nomination, Wong gratefully shared, "Doctor Aphra fanbase: thank you, all of you, for your support and love for our book and the terrible doctor. I'm so glad I get to write stories for you." When it was announced this was the last issue, Wong also shared on Twitter, "The final issue of this volume of Doctor Aphra. I poured my heart into this one... and it's an issue that surprised me on many levels, in the best way."

It'll be sad to see this chapter of Doctor Aphra's story close. We'll be eager to see what comes next with the character and Alyssa Wong's work. Though, you don't have to wait long as their latest novel, co-written with Daniel José Older, Star Wars The High Republic: Escape from Valo, was released yesterday.

That's it this week in Star Wars Comics! Check back next time for more adventures next week!

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