This Week in Star Wars Comics: The Inquisitors arrive!

A brand new series all about the Inquisitors is here along with The High Republic!
Star Wars: Inquisitors from Marvel Comics. Image credit:
Star Wars: Inquisitors from Marvel Comics. Image credit: /

It's Wednesday which means it is time for another edition of This Week in Star Wars Comics! July is kicking off with new miniseries diving head first into the dark side. Along with this, we continue the harrowing mission of Jedi Master Keeve Trennis and her team in The High Republic.

Let's get into everything you need to know This Week in Star Wars Comics.

Star Wars: Inquisitors #1

Tensu Run's name is fitting. He's on the run from the Grand Inquisitor and his Inquisitorious. These trained Jedi hunters are coming as this particular Jedi is at the top of Darth Vader's to-kill list. What is it about this particular Jedi that the Sith sends their best men to track and kill? Why do they fear him so much? Inquisitors #1 is written by Rodney Barnes and illustrated by Ramon Rosanas, with Nick Bradshaw as the cover artist.

Barnes shared his excitement with when the comic was announced, saying, “It’s such an honor to be writing the very first Inquisitors solo story! I love this time period of Star Wars lore because it’s the one I grew up on — when Darth Vader and the Empire were imposing their will on the entire galaxy. Plus, I got to create an all-new legendary Jedi with Tensu Run! Truly the best of times!”

Star Wars: The High Republic #9

The penultimate issue of Phase III's run of The High Republic is here, and the stakes are running high! Forced to team up with once an enemy, Jedi Master Keeve Trennis has launched an assault against the Nihil scientist Baron Boolan's fortress. However, with explosives throughout the facility, she risks losing her master, Sskeer, and their ally, Tey, to pull off their gambit to defeat the villain once and for all.

The High Republic #9 is written by Cavan Scott, the illustrator is Laura Braga, and the cover artist is Phil Noto.

And that's it for Star Wars Comics this week. See you next time!