We again ask: Is Omega Force sensitive?

The Bad Batch may have confirmed a long-held theory about Omega

Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Omega. Image Credit: The Walt Disney All Access Pages
Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Omega. Image Credit: The Walt Disney All Access Pages /

It's been a long-held theory that Omega could be Force-sensitive, and The Bad Batch Season 3 premiere doesn't take long before it gives more fuel to this idea.

The 3-episode season premiere focuses heavily on Omega, who's being held at the Empire's research facility on Mount Tantiss. While a lot of the focus is on Omega's character development and her relationship with everyone at the facility, including Crosshair, Dr. Emerie Karr, and Nala Se, there's a growing intrigue around Omega having her blood taken every morning by Emerie.

According to the doctor, it's a routine procedure, and all the clones go through it. But there's something different about Omega - which is why Nala Se throws out samples of Omega's blood. It works until Dr. Hemlock becomes suspicious of her, and that's when an alarmed Nala Se warns Omega to escape the facility using her datapad. As Omega is making her escape along with Crosshair, Emerie is running tests against Omega's blood, and the results seem to hint that there's something special about it.

The tests proved that Omega could successfully help the Empire do a Midichlorian or M-Count transfer without any degradation. This means that Omega is extremely valuable in The Emperor's overall plan of living forever, also known as Project Necromancer. However, it could also mean something else. Is Omega Force-sensitive, too? Throughout the series, Omega has displayed a high emotional intelligence and has a unique ability to connect with people and animals. Is she someone who possesses force abilities that she's unaware of?

For now, the show has only hinted at what Omega's blood test results signify, but there could be much more to come on this in the rest of the season. These 3 episodes cemented Omega's role in the Star Wars universe, as it's obvious that she has an important role to play in the future storyline.

Omega could easily show up in live-action shows like The Mandalorian or Dave Filoni's Mandoverse crossover film, which is rumored to bring Heir to the Empire on screen. However, adding Force sensitivity into the mix could give Omega a special significance among the clones. It could even result in Omega being the first clone to become a Jedi, but that's jumping the gun a bit.

The series will likely continue the mystery regarding Omega's blood for a few more episodes, and the focus might shift to Omega and Crosshair's reunion with the Batch. For now, we'll have to wait and see if this theory proves to be correct, but the chance is surely there.

The Bad Batch Season 3 is streaming on Disney+.

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