What is Rebels Remembered Day?

It's time for the yearly party, Star Wars Rebels fans!

The main characters of Star Wars Rebels. Image credit: StarWars.com.
The main characters of Star Wars Rebels. Image credit: StarWars.com. /

It is March 5th, and you may see people suddenly talking a lot about Star Wars Rebels. Perhaps you're hanging out in the wasteland that is Twitter and you're spot the hashtag #RebelsRemembered floating around. So what's going on? Why is everyone suddenly on this Rebels kick and how did it all start?

What is Rebels Remembered Day?

Simply put, Rebels Remembered Day is a celebration of Star Wars Rebels that happens every year. The March 5th date commemorates the series' final episode, "Family Reunion - And Farewell." It was started by Johna from the Geeky Bubble podcast in 2019 on the one-year anniversary of the finale because Rebels was one of her favorite pieces of Star Wars media.

The first Rebels Remembered Day ended up getting a massive surprise too! Well before Ahsoka graced our screens, we had no idea what happened to Ezra Bridger or where Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren were in their efforts to find him. Rebels and Ahsoka creator Dave Filoni surprised fans on the first Rebels Remembered Day by sharing artwork of Sabine and Ahsoka along with a message thanking fans for sharing their love of the show. The funny thing is that Dave said this wasn't artwork for a new show, which is understandable, as this was before Disney+ even launched. Of course, years later, we have followed up on these adventures and found Ezra.

How does someone celebrate Rebels Remembered Day?

It's easy! This is a day to celebrate Star Wars Rebels, and it's as simple as saying why you love the show. People showcase their cosplay, fanart, fanfiction, podcast specials, favorite music, fan-made videos, favorite ships, best memories, theories, and everything in between. We've even celebrated its online tie-in show, Rebels Recon, here at Dork Side of the Force. The big thing is to make sure to use #RebelsRemembered on social media so it's easy for people to find your stuff.

And that's it! If you love Star Wars Rebels, then come and celebrate Rebels Remembered Day with the fandom.

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