Who does Anjelica Huston play in The Bad Batch?

The legendary actor makes her return to Star Wars in her second animated series.

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Getting Anjelica Huston in Star Wars once was a treat. Seeing her return for a second time feels like we, as fans, have been blessed by the Lucasfilm gods.

Legendary actor known for playing Morticia Addams in the 1991 The Addams Family returns once more to Star Wars animation in the second episode of Season 3 for The Bad Batch, "Paths Unknown." Huston voices Isa Durand, the head of the Durand crime family. Her son, Roland, has been in the show since Season 1, when the Batch saved his life from the rival Pyke Syndicate. This allowed Hunter and Wrecker to ask the Durands for help in their hunt for Omega, whom Imperial scientist Dr. Hemlock took at the end of Season 2. While the intel from the Durands was out of date, it did allow Hunter and Wrecker to find a new lead for their little sister. They also rescued clone cadets Mox, Deke, and Stak in the process.

This isn't the first time Anjelica Huston has been in Star Wars. Her first outing was in Star Wars: Visions in the Season 2 fan favorite short, "Screecher's Reach." She voiced the Sith Mother, who had taken Daal away from her friends. It was a chilling role for the actress, playing the biggest surprise in the gut-punch reveal. "Screecher's Reach" also just won an Annie Award for Best Direction - TV/Media. The Annie Awards are considered the highest honor in the animation industry, even more than the Emmy or the Academy Awards.

Even if we don't see Isa Durand again in the series, Anjelica Huston left her mark on the series, playing an important role for the Batch to be reunited. Anytime Morticia Addams can be in Star Wars, it's a great day for a fan like me.

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