Marvel’s Star Wars #1 Advance Lettered Sneak Peek


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We’re less than one week away from the release of Marvel’s Star Wars #1 and

Entertainment Weekly

was able to give us a taste of a few pages from this much anticipated issue. This is an exciting time for Star Wars comics fans because this issue is going to have

numerous variant covers

plus it introduces our first new canon story between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back following the implementation of Lucasfilm Story Group and the “Legending” (my word) of the Expanded Universe. Hopefully, we’ll get to see some story setup for the much anticipated movie, The Force Awakens.

You can see four great pages at Entertainment Weekly but here are some of my favorite panels.

After anticipation is built by a great setup page of Imperial soldiers waiting on a ship from the Outer Rim to land, we get this marvelously large panel with Han, R2, and two guards we recognize from Return of the Jedi emerging from the mysterious ship. It is an entrance worthy of the greatest smuggler of all time and it makes you want to cheer out loud the first time you see it!

Are you hoping for the classic Original Trilogy feel? It looks like this issue is going to give it to us. This exchange between Han and the creature checking his identity is classic Solo banter. When Han is called a “small-time smuggler” you hear his response of “Small-time?” in that hurt, innocent tone only Harrison Ford can deliver. You then get another few panels of Han trying to explain the story behind the bounty on his head and you feel like you are back with old friends. Jason Aaron’s writing of Han Solo seems to be heading in a great direction.

These pages along with some other sneak peeks Marvel has given us leads me to agree with C3PO in the last panel of these four pages:

“I have a very good feeling about this.”

What do you think, Dorksiders? Are you excited about this first issue? Is there something that has you concerned? Do you think these comic stories are going to give us any insight into The Force Awakens? Leave a comment below and start some conversation.