First Look Sketches of Kanan: The Last Padawan


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first look sketches of Caleb Dume

, AKA Kanan Jarrus, from the upcoming Marvel Comic

Kanan: The Last Padawan


Pepe Larraz is the artist creating the great looks of a young Kanan before his journey takes him to the crew of the Ghost in Star Wars Rebels. This comic, coming April 2015, is the story of Caleb Dume, a young Jedi padawan who survives Order 66 and goes on the run from the Empire. Caleb changes his name to Kanan Jarrus who conceals his identity as a Jedi until he meets Hera Syndulla and his life is changed forever.

Below are the first sketches of Caleb/Kanan and they are fantastic. You can see the hard and questioning nature of this young boy and imagining him growing into the adult space cowboy from Star Wars Rebels is completely believable.

Larraz’s sketches remind me how Ezra Bridger often speculates that Kanan was just as difficult a Jedi student as he is. Caleb looks like a young man who questions authority and refuses to just accept everything he is told. This rebellious nature will one day lead him to be the perfect crew member of the Ghost crew, refusing to be brainwashed by the Empire’s propaganda machine.

There is endless potential for this book which will explore a time period and story with a lot of gaps in the Star Wars saga. What was it like to be a surviving Jedi on the run? How did the Emperor’s transition to unlimited power look to the rest of the galaxy as it was happening? What happened as Darth Vader and others hunted the surviving Jedi?

These questions and more could be answered in Kanan: The Last Padawan. Anticipation is going to rise for this Greg Weisman written comic as its release date approaches if the recent release of Marvel’s Star Wars Issue 1 is any indication, this book is going to be a fantastic adventure.

Your turn Dorksiders. What do you think about these sketches of a young Kanan? Are you excited about the upcoming comic? Do you have any fears or concerns about it? Leave your comments below and let the conversation begin.