Ezra's question. Ezra's question. Ezra's question.

“Star Wars Rebels: Call to Action” – What Is the Cost of Rebellion?


Star Wars Rebels: Call to Action can be best summarized by Ezra’s question.

"“Was it worth it?”"

There were so many great moments in this episode.

In the midst of all of adventure goodness, the larger question this episode begs us to ask is, “What is the cost of this war and what are we willing to pay?”

From the time Tarkin sets foot on Lothal, the expectation for Imperial success is taken to a level bordering on unreasonable. At the same time, the cost of rebellion for the crew of the Ghost grows exponentially. Tarkin will see this rebel group brought down or everyone in his wake will suffer severe consequences. The stakes have gone up and everyone is going to feel it.

While Tarkin is making it clear to the Imperials that failure is not an option, the Rebels are feeling the sting of betrayal by Gall Trayvis. They decide to move from a covert, unknown strike team to an inspiring voice for rebellion that will spread its message to all of Lothal. In order to do this, the Ghost’s crew is going to have to take a substantial risk by trying to take an Imperial communications tower.

Ezra, however, is struggling with this plan because he understands the cost of taking this kind of risk. His parents were the original voices of rebellion and it cost him his family. Ezra isn’t sure he is willing to risk his new family for the same goal. Kanan, however, understands the costs and rewards of taking on the Empire and convinces Ezra that eventually, this cause has to cost them something. His words would have more meaning than Ezra could know.

Tarkin’s tenacity and the Rebels’ new goals lead to a monumental showdown that will change the future of the Ghost’s crew forever.

After taking the communication tower with Sabine leading the way like a well trained special forces legend, the Rebels find themselves cornered by Agent Kallus and the Inquisitor. Kanan sends the rest of the crew to the top of the tower while he holds of the Imperial force at bay. Kanan decides what the cause is worth to him when, with a look of fierce determination, he destroys the entrance lock to the tower with his lightsaber. This decision leaves him face-to-face with the enemy no escape to be seen. He has decided that the cause is worth his life.

Hera has to decide that the cost of the team and the communication tower is worth leaving Kanan behind; a decision she doesn’t take lightly. The Rebels escape and Kanan is left with the Imperials.

Ezra is able to broadcast a message from the communication tower and all of Lothal hears. It is the victory they were looking for but it cost them greatly. In a conclusion that shows the immensity of their opponent, Tarkin orders the destruction of the communications tower. While the tower falls, Tarkin looks at Kanan and delivers a chilling message.

“You don’t know what it takes to win a war. But I do.”

Tarkin is willing to do whatever it takes, no matter the cost, to defeat these Rebels. The question for Ezra, Hera, Kanan, and the rest of the team will now and always be, “Was it worth it?”

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I, for one, can’t wait to see what happens next. This show just went to the next level and, hopefully, it will continue to get better and better.

What do you think Dork Siders? What is the crew of the Ghost willing to sacrifice for victory? What did you think of this episode? Leave a comment below and let’s have a conversation.