Star Wars Episode 7 Rumors: Princess Leia could become Queen Leia


New Star Wars rumors may indicate that Princess Leia is set to become a Queen in Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens

While there is a lot yet to be learned about the new Star Wars move, Episode VII – The Force Awakens, some bits and pieces have leaked out from time to time and have given us some insight into the film and the story line that J.J. Abrams is following. According to a new rumor, one of the more interesting bits may mean Princess Leia will be ascending to Queen.

According to noted Star Wars site Making Star Wars, the main cast list for the film lists Leia as “Queen Leia”, an indication that she has gained further power within the Rebel Alliance. Of course, the question is what is she the queen of?

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Leia has some unique heritage. She is the daughter of Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala, the latter of which was once the elected Queen of Naboo. However, she had vacated that role and became Senator Amidala at the time of the birth of the twins, Luke and Leia. The astute Star Wars fan will also point out that after Padme’s death at the end of Episode 3, Leia became the adopted daughter of Bail Organa and Queen Breha Organa of Alderaan.

That’s where the matter gets tricky. As noted above, Queen Amidala abdicated her throne at the end of her second four-year term, handing the throne to Queen Jamillia and taking the role as Senator. Since the monarchy of Naboo is an elected position, there is no blood-line transition that would bring Leia to the throne of Naboo.

As for ascending to the throne on Alderaan, well we all know that possibility doesn’t exist. Despite being the daughter of royalty or not, there is no monarchy on a planey that no longer exists. The destruction of Alderaan as “weapons test” by the original Death Star is one of the most memorable scenes from Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope, and helped carve out Leia’s undying loyalty to the rebellion.

So does Leia return to Naboo and become their queen? Does the rebellion create a new post that gives Leia the throne over whatever new galactic alliance returns should the rebels claim victory over the Empire?

It certainly is a twist for a character that seemed rather ceremonial for Carrie Fisher and could add a bit of depth into her role, and perhaps set her up for the entire trilogy. It certainly will bear watching as we lead into the Christmas 2015 release date fro Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens.