The Best Star Wars Writing Around the Web


There’s so much news bursting out of the Star Wars franchise lately that not only can it be tough to keep up with it all, but it doesn’t leave a fan with much time to savor some more introspective, in-depth pieces on what it all means for the saga.

Allow us to help you with that.

We’ve gathered the best recent pieces of Star Wars writing from around the Internet that cover everything from the latest movie news to a controversy over some toy collectibles.

One of the greatest things about Star Wars is the community that’s risen up and stayed strong even when Star Wars is out of the mainstream pop culture spotlight. Check out some of its best contributions below:

  • Ron over at Making Star Wars takes a look at the past and present of Star Wars toys for female characters, after Hasbro pulls one of its Princess Leia figurines.

"“Further, there are more and better female characters now than ever before.  During the OT era, over 3 films and 6 years we had Princess Leia.  That was about it.  Even in the PT we had Padme Neberrie as the only substantive female character.  That means that as recently as 2005, we really didn’t have many great options when it came to female Star Wars figures.  How many versions of Leia could Hasbro possibly make and count on fans to keep buying?  That’s been changing in recent years through 6 season of The Clone Wars and now with Star Wars Rebels.  Now Star Wars fans, of both sexes, have a variety of great female characters to get to know, cheer (or jeer) for, and…spend money on.”"

  • Film School Rejects‘ Kate Erbland analyzes rumors that J.J. Abrams may return for Episode IX – and some reasons why he shouldn’t.
  • On, Bryan Young writes about the similarities between the Star Wars films and Steven Spielberg’s 1982 tearjerker E.T.: The Extraterrestrial.
  • Mike Ryan from Uproxx shows off his Expanded Universe knowledge and fills us in on the lore behind the term “Rogue One.”
  • Finally, author Alan Dean Foster, who wrote the first EU novel Splinter of the Mind’s Eye, speaks to Ethan Alter of Yahoo! Movies about the impact of his novel and the freedom he had before Star Wars came under more corporate control.

"“Apparently, nothing directly contradicted anything that showed up in the film, or else they would have had me cut it. It wasn’t like we were setting down the Bible and I was working on Exodus. Nobody was really worried at that point about what’s going to happen in Book 6, Chapter 5, Line 23. The hope is just to get Exodus out there so people can see it and then you worry about follow-ups. Nobody at the time, except perhaps George, could see Star Wars becoming what it eventually became.”"

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