Rumor: J.J. Abrams Wanted Back for ‘Episode IX’


It’s still too early for us to judge whether J.J. Abrams pulled off arguably the most anticipated film of all time with Star Wars: The Force Awakens (although that trailer gives me plenty of hope). But according to a new report, he may have already convinced Disney that he really is the Chosen One – and they want him to finish off the trilogy.

An article at Latino-Review says that Abrams is the front-runner to direct Episode IX, due out in 2019. The piece doesn’t name any sources other than the vague “those at Disney who have seen footage from The Force Awakens.”

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At the very least, it’s encouraging to hear that Disney is pleased with what they’ve seen so far, which I think bodes well for fans. And it makes sense that they’d want him back if he nails the opener to ensure some continuity in the trilogy.

But the real issue here is whether Abrams would want to return. The article is right in pointing out that although he clearly is thankful for the opportunity, the pressure and demands of the job make it hard for me to believe that someone would want to come back to the director’s chair a second time.

Although I have plenty of faith in Rian Johnson delivering a stellar follow-up to The Force Awakens with his Episode VIII, I also doubt he’ll be back for another film.

But even if Abrams knocks it out of the park, I’m also secretly hoping he lays down the lightsaber without the intention of picking it up again.

Some trilogies benefit from a single director crafting his vision over the course of all three films (Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, for example), but many more would have achieved greater success if different directors had taken the reins on each individual film (Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy, for example).

Star Wars is such a vast and rich universe that there’s more to explore than just planets and aliens and technology. A different director for each film would have the chance to leave his artistic mark on the franchise by varying its tone, its themes and its style.

I have faith in Abrams, but when it comes to Star Wars, there should be more than a few Chosen Ones.

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