Star Wars: The Force Awakens Rumor Roundup


Now that we’ve all had time to settle in and digest all the awesome news that came from the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, it’s time to do the Dork Side of the Force Rumor Roundup. This week’s biggest rumor/semi-confirmed news surrounds the new planet of Jakku. J.J. Abrams introduced the Star Wars fan-universe to the new desert planet, during The Force Awakens Panel. Here’s the word on the street, concerning Jakku.

Rumor 1.

Jakku was an unpopulated wasteland of a planet until a battle in space above the planet sent Star Destroyers crashing into the sand that cover’s it’s surface. We saw one of the crashed destroiers half buried in the sand, in the 2nd The Force Awakens trailer.

The surviving crew set up a colony and became the first settlers on the planet. According to a source for Star Wars Episode 7 News, the battle of Endor took place around the same time as the battle over Jakku. because of the second Death Star’s destruction and the death of Darth Vader and his master Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine, the empire fell into disarray, and had neither the time, nor the resources to launch a rescue mission.

The rumor holds that Max Von Sydow’s character was the Commanding officer of the Star Destroyer that crash landed on Jakku, the one we see in the beginning of the 2nd trailer, and he is currently the leader of the colony. His anger at the Empire for leaving him and his people stranded has left him with a bitter taste in his mouth, resulting in him having zero loyalty to the First Order.

Sidow’s character (possibly called the Vicar), helps Rey and Finn by giving them information and evidence about the Empire, confirming to Finn that the Empire is evil. Much like Mos Eisley, Jakku attracts pirates, scavengers, scum, and villainy–because of the looting of the ship graveyard. Now if only Sir Alec Guinness were alive to deliver that famous line, once again.

Rumor 2.

Kylo Ren, the masked Sith with the cross-guard lightsaber, is claiming to be Darth Vader, in an attempt to grab power and leadership of the First Order.

Rumor 3.

Rey (Daisy Ridley), could possibly be living in the shell of a deserted AT-AT. There is supposedly a dirt floor, as if the AT-AT has been half buried in the sand, much like the crashed Star Destroyer, and there is a hammock and a sort of sleeping area inside. This would make the perfect hovel for a scavenger.

That’s it for today’s rumor-roundup, as we get closer to December, and since trailers and information are likely to start slowly finding their way to the Internet, Dork Side of the Force will be there to bring you each and every juicy tidbit.

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