Young Star Wars Fan Writes Heartfelt Letter to George Lucas


Website Laughing Squid has picked-up a story about a 7 year old Star Wars fan, who felt so passionately about the Jedi rule of not allowing marriage, that he wrote a letter to George Lucas to ask if that rule could be dissolved. Here’s’ what it looked like.

First off, let’s address the fact that young Colin really doesn’t want to become a Sith. And while I think that that’s a major oversight on his part (Sith totally have more fun), at least the kid wants to be good and wholesome, like the Jedi…yeah, like that’s gonna last.

Also, Colin is 7 years of age, who is he going to marry? Are we seeing the literal translation of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, where annoyingly cute little Anakin Skywalker wants to marry Queen Amidala? **GASP** Is Colin the chosen one, who will bring balance to the Force? **DOUBLE GASP** Will Colin the grow-up to become a psycho who kills little padawans and then gets horribly burned only to have his body rebuilt with cybernetics? I think Lucas’ only recourse is to invite Colin to Skywalker ranch where he can test his Midi-chlorians just to be safe.

Well, George did just the opposite, and had his assistant-droid send Colin a reply. Check it out.

Thanks Lucasfilm, now that Colin knows he can get married, he’s totally going to turn to the Dark Side, especially when his new wife asks him if she looks fat in her Jedi robes, and he inevitably answers wrong…because much like the Death Star, that question is a trap.

Here’s a video of the future Jedi-turned-Sith opening a package from Lucasfilm.

I especially like the part when young Ani Colin opens the envelope and quickly proceeds to dispense with George Lucas’ picture, in favor of the Star Wars Rebels book. I’m sorry, George, but this is what happens when you allow Gungans to infect every facet of the Star Wars universe…little children discard your photos.

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