Star Wars: The Beautiful Art of Andy Fairhurst


Artist Andy Fairhurst has just debuted three new official Star Wars art pieces, which can be viewed and purchased at Bottleneck Art Gallery, online. The first piece is titled “Luke” and depicts a young Luke Skywalker, looking up from the planet of Tatooine with its two moons, then above that, the Death Star looms menacingly. Darth Vader’s elite TIE squadron can be seen flying toward Luke, in what can be described as a bit of foreshadowing…a view of events to come. I can assure you, this Death star looks to be fully functional.

The next piece of amazing Star Wars art, is titled “Yoda” and as you can see, he seems to be on the planet in the Dagobah system where Luke knows to find him. Luke’s X-Wing is seen flying toward the old Jedi Master, and he is ready to train the young Jedi-to-be, and teach him the ways of the Force, and also how to turn away from the Dark Side which is so strong in his family.

The third and final piece of the awe-inspiring Star Wars art, is titled “Vader“. Vader seems to be on Endor, in this painting, although I do not know that for sure. The Millennium Falcon and Luke’s X-Wing is in his field of vision, yet the two iconic ships are dominated by the second Death Star, where Anakin finally takes control of his self, and saves his son Luke, killing the evil Emperor.

Sadly, the set is currently sold out, which should tell you how insanely popular this art is. Each piece is Giclee print on velvet fine art paper, and is 13 x 19 inches each. There needs to be more Star Wars art like this, out there. Because I want to hang this on my wall, like right now.

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