Oscar Isaac talks BB-8 and other Star Wars: The Force Awakens News


Actor Oscar Isaac who will be portraying X-Wing pilot Poe Dameron in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, this December, sat down with IGN and talked about his experience filming TFA, particularly his bonding with a certain rolling droid that’s taking the Star Wars faniverse by storm, and a bold statement he made during the Star Wars Celebration that Harrison Ford…well, at least Han Solo, may take umbrage with. When Isaac was asked about working with practical props and real-life working droids like BB-8, the actor had this to say:

"“Well, I mean you’ve seen BB-8! It’s very hard not to bond with that little guy. I mean, it’s amazing. It’s an amazing design, too.”"

He’s not wrong, the moment I saw BB-8 rolling across the screen in the first The Force Awakens trailer, I was instantly drawn to his strange design, then when he rolled out onto the stage at the Star Wars Celebration on April 16, I and the rest of the Star Wars world fell in love. Not since R2-D2 has a droid so quickly polarized a fan-base.

Then there’s that very bold claim that Oscar Isaac made on stage during The Force Awakens Panel. Claiming that his character Poe Dameron was the “best frickin’ pilot in the galaxy” he had to know that Han Solo would not be too happy about all that hubris that he was flinging around. IGN asked Oscar about his brave words.

"“That’s just fact. The gauntlet’s been thrown. No one’s picked it up yet. Look, he’s the best frickin’ pilot in the galaxy! What more can you say?”"

I mean…I guess han hasn’t technically picked up the guantlet, but he did in fact land a prop plane on a golf course with two doctors playing through. I’d say that Han still holds the title of best “frickin” pilot, it’s not like Poe has  made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs or anything.

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