Spencer’s helps Mandalorians celebrate May 4th!


We are fast approaching Star Wars day, May 4th, and with it, loads of items can be found online and in retailers everywhere. Today’s selection comes from Spencer’s, and if you have a proclivity toward Mandalorian activities, then these are the items you’re looking for.

As Pre Vizsla said to Obi-Wan Kenobi – “For generations, my ancestors fought proudly as warriors against the Jedi.” And now, Spencer’s is calling all Mandalorians to arms, once again.

Directly from the Spencer’s press release, which is a cleverly worded announcement that makes me want to strap on my armor, fire-up my jet pack, and head on over to Spencer’s to get some of this sweet swag.

"“If Shae Vizla needed a hat to shield her from the sun on Rishi, Spencer’s would hook her up.  Spencer’s (the North American mall destination for lifestyle/licensed accessories with over 670 locations) is introducing a new Star Wars-themed collection, aligning with “May the 4th.” Drawing inspiration from the beloved character Boba Fett, “Warriors of Mandalore” is a limited release of apparel, hats, wallets, key chains, jewelry and more, and the first of its kind. Each item features a monochromatic scheme and the Mandalore icon- the Galactic Republic and Yuuzhan Vong don’t accessorize nearly as well!”"

Spencer’s has released a Warriors of Mandalore look-book, displaying some very cool items, which you can seen below. Items include Shirts and pants. The Shirt looks really cool, and I could actually see myself buying this item right now.

There are also hats to be had, sporting the Mandalorian symbol.

Some very cool accessories like wallets with a metal Mandalorian badge.

Dog-tags and watches are also available.

As well as drink-ware and key chains, which round out the Spencer’s Mandalore themed catalog.

Sign me up for the shirt and Boba Fett tumbler, ASAP! This extremely cool merchandise is a refreshing turn from the usual Jedi/Sith items that are usually found in great supply on May 4th.

So, if you fancy yourself a bounty hunter, or a warrior from a galaxy far away, then head down to Spencer’s and scoop-up some of these very cool items. Spencer’s is getting involved on Twitter as well and want you to proudly display your Mandalore swag with the hashtag #Bountyhuntersunite.

May the 4th be with you!

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