The Fansided Network Star Wars Roundup: Week 3!


Happy Star Wars Day and May the Fourth be with you! Today we bring you the third installment of the Fansided Network Star Wars Roundup. Starting us off is Netflix Life who reminds us that Netflix has the entire Star Wars: The Clone Wars series ready for binge-watching on this most hallowed of days.

“Star Wars: The Clone Wars isn’t exactly what every Star Wars fan, especially the casual fan, is looking for, but it does the trick, especially considering all six Star Warsmovies are $85 from Best Buy. And, you can’t find the Star Warsmovies online, at least from a legal streaming service.” Seasons 1-6 are immediately available and a special “Bad Batch” can be viewed online.

Next we have Art of Gears with a piece about Nissan’s special way to celebrate Star Wars Day. “This year it looks like Nissan got in on the fun with some very appropriate May 4th tweets that showcases some of their cars. First we have a couple of 350Z’s that slowly transform into the C-3PO and R2D2. Nissan says that, “there are the Z’s you are looking for.” I’ve got to say, Nissan did the lord’s work here, with these cars. Of course, I’m especially fond of the R2-D2 car…because, Artoo.

Here we have the Fansided MLB folks getting involved, with the texas Rangers complete botching of the “May the Fourth be with you” line.

“The theme of the night is Star Wars, of course, and the headline for tonight’s event is “May the fourth be with you”, a spin on the most famous line from the legendary movie series. The only problem is, apparently the Texas Rangers cannot spell “fourth” correctly.” Yeah this is pretty darn embarrassing, Texas Rangers. Now all I can hear in my head is some poor kid with a tragically hilarious lisp trying to say “force” and only coming up with “forth.”

Photo by Annie Leibovitz

Our good friends at Winter is Coming, the number one site for all things Game of Thrones, caught a piece that we sent then regarding Thrones star Gwendoline Christie being confirmed as the chrome-plated Stormtrooper, Captain Phasma. “Hopefully, Christie will be able to take her helmet off at some point during the movie and show her face to millions of Star Wars fans, thus resulting in an even bigger career boost for her.” Finally we have the confirmation we’ve been looking for! It’s long been rumored that Gwendoline Christie was the mysterious Captain Phasma, and thanks to Vanity Fair, we now know for sure. I don’t know exactly what role Phasma will play in Force Awakens, but you can count on Christie to deliver her lines like the badass she is.

Photo by Annie Leibovitz

Lightly Buzzed makes fun of Adam Driver’s big reveal that he is in fact Kylo Ren. Looking at his photo, he does look like a huge emo. “That’s not a Star Wars villain galactic bad-ass face, that’s a “my daddy didn’t give me enough love and now I’m lashing out by dressing in black, drinking wine and carving things into my arms” face” They aren’t totally wrong, although I could argue that driver looks emo-ish because he is in fact a troubled youth bent on a path of destruction…but what would I know?

Photo by Annie Leibovitz

And wrapping-up our Fansided Network Star Wars roundup is Flicksided, with a piece on the Vanity Fair spread…which we covered as well, but hey, we are all one family here at Fansided, and it’s good to restore peace and balance to the Force…I mean network. Plus, the folks at Flicksided are pretty dang cool, so there you go.

That’s it for this week, padawans, tun in next week as we bring you the very best Star Wars coverage from around the Fansided Network!

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